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Welcome to Friendsy

Bingo is fun when you’re with your friends. So why not join a Friendsy and all play together?

Our Friendsy games will be held in the Legs Eleven room from 8am to midnight every day. The games run every twenty minutes, with the first one at 10 minutes past the hour. We’ll also make every game from 7pm to 11pm in Legs Eleven a Friendsy too!

What Is Friendsy?

Friendsy is a feature that can be added to bingo games. An extra prize is paid to the Friendsy owner and the members of their Friendsy when the owner wins the full house in a Friendsy feature game.

Any player can own a Friendsy and add their friends to it.

Don’t worry if the Friendsy prize isn’t won though, it simply rolls over to the next Friendsy game in that room.

How Can I Own A Friendsy?

Once you’re in a bingo game just click the Friendsy tab. Choose create Friendsy and enter a name for it – you can’t have any spaces though. Then, add your friends! To do this all you have to do is click add member and type in your friend’s chat name. People can’t search for your Friendsy to join it though; you have to invite them to take part. You can quick invite people from your buddies list into your Friendsy by clicking on the Friendsy logo next to their name in the buddy list. You can only invite 9 friends at any one time though.

You can be a member of 10 other peoples Friendys plus your own!

You don’t have to join every Friendsy you’re invited to. You’ll get a notification if you’re the Friendsy owner when your friends accept or decline your invitations. You can block other people sending you Friendsy invites too if you need to.

Winning A Friendsy Prize

If you’re the owner of a Friendsy and you win the full house you will also win an extra Friendsy prize. You receive 50% of the Friendsy prize amount and 50% is then shared out between your Friendsy members.

If the full house is won by more than 1 Friendsy owner, the Friendsy prize will be evenly split between all winning Friendsys regardless of the number of winning tickets held by each owner. So, all the members of the winning Friendsys will get a share of the prize.

This means:

Total Friendsy Prize is £50

Friendsy owner 1 wins house prize with 2 winning tickets

Friendsy owner 2 wins house prize with 1 winning ticket

Each Friendsy is allocated £25 which is split between the owner and members

But, if the full house winner doesn’t own a Friendsy, the Friendsy prize isn’t won.

Removing People From Friendsy

If you’re the Friendsy owner you will see a remove button next to the names of all the players in your Friendsy. All you have to do is click the x button and that will remove the player or cancel the invitation if they haven’t replied yet.

You can’t remove yourself from your own Friendsy unless you leave all Friendsys by using the community radio at the options menu.

If you aren’t the Friendsy owner you will see a remove button next to your name in all the Friendsys you are part of. Click the x to leave the Friendsy.

Now you know all about it — why not start a Friendsy and add your friends?

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