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Bingo Keno Extreme

Play Bingo Keno Extreme - 9 card Keno at its best. Take it to the extreme with this brilliant keno game!

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Bingo Keno Extreme is a fast paced 9 card Bingo Keno game where you can pick your favourite cards and draw 20 balls at any time that suits you.

Simply choose how many of the 9 game cards you'd like to play with and then see how many of the balls drawn match your numbers. Match 15 balls drawn with a game card's 15 numbers and you've hit the jackpot!

This game offers a Play for Free and Play for Real option. To play with real funds for the chance to win real cash choose play for real. To try out the game for free click on Play for Free, you can switch from play for free to play for real at any time by using the link in the top bar. You need to be logged in to play for real.

On opening the game you will be provided with 9 game cards, each with their own randomly generated fifteen numbers. These will be your numbers for the duration of this game, however, you can change any or all of the card numbers as many times as you want before the ball draw starts. To change a specific card's numbers randomly, click the change card button (clockwise arrow) attached to that specific card, and the numbers will randomly change. Each time you change a card or cards, the new numbers will be randomly generated.

You may decide that you don't want to play with all the cards on display, so the game allows you to activate and deactivate cards as you require. By default all the cards are activated when you open the game. To deactivate individual cards, simply click on the crossed button within that particular cards control panel. The button will turn grey and the numbers will also grey out to show that this card is now deactivated. To reactivate, simply press the button again.

As with the change card buttons, you can also deactivate and activate all the cards on display using the 'activate all cards' button located at the base of the cards ladder.

Once you're happy with your card selection, you then need to adjust your stake per card to the amount you want to bet. This is done by simply pressing the up and down arrows to the right-hand side of the stake per card window to increase and decrease the amount. The total stake amount will also increase and decrease with the stake per card amount. The total stake is calculated by multiplying the stake per card amount by the number of active game cards.

Once you're happy with your stake amount, you're ready to start the game. Simply press the 'GO' button to begin the draw. Once you press 'GO' the ball draw begins and twenty balls each with different numbers, 1-90, are released from the ball drum. As the numbers are drawn they register on the main number board as yellow numbered balls. These drawn numbers will also be highlighted by yellow markers on all the game cards whether they are active or not, so at a glance you can see how many numbers matched. Winning amounts for each active card will be displayed over the relevant card to show you how much has been won on each card.

Should you wish to play another game with the same game cards, and the same stake amount, you simply need to press the 'GO' button. This will clear your game cards, and reset the balls, and then start a new draw as before.

Should you wish to play another game with the same game cards, but with a different stake, you just increase or decrease your stake, the main number board will clear, and reset the balls. When you're happy with your new stake amount, press 'GO' to activate the ball draw.

The maximum payout for this game is £100,000.

This game is regulated by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. Maximum payout on any games is £250,000. Malfunction voids all pays and play.

All games are subject to the standard Mecca Bingo Terms and Conditions.

This game has a Return to Player of 90.02 % based on good playing strategy.

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