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Deal or No Deal

Play Deal or No Deal online game, based on the hit TV show and test your nerve against the banker. 

Just like the popular TV game show, Deal or No Deal will have you on the edge of your seat. You decide which box to choose and whether it’s Deal or No Deal with the mysterious banker!

This game offers a Play for Free and Play for Real option. To play with real funds for the chance to win real cash choose play for real. To try out the game for free click on Play for Free, you can switch from play for free to play for real at any time by using the link in the top bar. You need to be logged in to play for real.

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How to Play

Choose a stake value by clicking on the up and down arrows to play the game with. As the stake value is adjusted, the possible payouts in the left and right columns of the screen will also dynamically change in accordance with the odds set in the game.

Once the Play button is pressed, the stake amount is deducted from your balance then the game will begin. You will then be prompted to pick a box from the 26 available. Your chosen box will then appear on the table next to the phone. You then have to pick 6 boxes from the remaining boxes on the shelves. As each box is clicked, the lid of that box will open and the amount contained within the box will be shown. The corresponding amount on the pay table will become dimmed as this amount can no longer be won. The box, once opened will then disappear.

QUICK PICK FUNCTION: The QuickPick button will appear on the screen which will allow you to randomly pick 6 boxes all at once if you wish or mix and match e.g picking three boxes then using Quick Pick to choose the rest. Once the six boxes are picked, the lights dim down, Quick Pick option disappears (if invoked), the phone rings (the table glows red in time with the rings).

You can click on the phone to answer the call or wait for the phone to answer itself after 2 rings. The banker will then offer you an amount for a deal which is dependent on the amounts left to be won. At the same time, the Deal or No Deal buttons appear from the bottom of the screen and you has to make their choice. By accepting the deal, the game is over and you win the Banker's offer amount. The Banker's speech bubble will disappear. The amount in your chosen box is then revealed. The Deal or No Deal button panel will display the winning amount (from the Banker). The Paid field will then update at the top of the screen, then your balance will increase accordingly. The Deal or No Deal button panel will disappear from the screen and the game then resets back to the stake selection screen.

If you decline the deal by pressing No Deal, the Banker's speech bubble will disappear along with the button panel. The screen will become lit and proceeds to the next stage of the game. The game play from now on follows the same pattern as the stage before, only this time the user has to choose 5 boxes before the Banker makes his next offer.

If you accept the Banker's Deal the game is over, if No Deal the game continues. This continues until the boxes are eliminated or you have decided to Deal. When either decision is made, both the remaining boxes will open at the same time to reveal the prize amounts within. If the user had chosen Deal they would win the Banker's offer. If they had chosen No Deal they would win the amount in the box on their table.


This game is regulated by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. Maximum payout on any games is £250,000. Malfunction voids all pays and play.

All games are subject to the standard Mecca Bingo Terms and Conditions.

This game has a Return to Player of 95.21 % based on good playing strategy. System malfunction voids all pays and plays.

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