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The Hope Issue!

We're celebrating love, luck and happiness...

A brand new year, and we’re convinced it will be a lucky one!

It may be darned cold when you venture out, but our brand new MECCA MAG is bursting with reasons to feel warm. You’ll love this bumper true-life issue, packed with amazing real stories of hope and romance. We all know bingo’s far more than just a game, and readers share their stories of how it’s helped them through times of need, while others tell how love has blossomed amidst the bingo books.

We’ve been busy checking out the fantastic live events at clubs around the country — including some impressive tribute acts.

We also catch up with celebrity bingo fan David Jason, in an EXCLUSIVE interview — as well as with the superglam TOWIE girls. Plus our incredible psychic astrologer Frank Pilkington shares his tips for becoming more in tune with our spiritual selves in 2014. You’ll be amazed at his insights.

As ever, we also have offers, discounts and giveaways for you, plus MORE THAN £2,000 OF PRIZES TO BE WON.

We hope you’re a winner in 2014 — but whatever fate has in store this year, one thing we can promise is a truly uplifting read!

Caroline xx

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Amy Newton is a dead ringer for the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

Legally Blonde

Helen Diamond was ready to quit her law school dream. Then a lucky win gave her a new shot of motivation!

Tribute Act Love

They say that imitation is the finest form of flattery. Meet the Mecca tribute acts flying the flag for their favourite artists!

David Jason

Only Fools star and all-round TV legend David Jason chats about falling over, his own personal motto, and why he should have been a bingo caller!

Spiritual Detox

Our psychic astrologer Frank Pilkington looks at how each star sign can give its spiritual side a little TLC in 2014.


Glam girls Chloe Sims, Frankie Essex and Lydia Bright fill us in on their superstitions, rituals and luckiest moments. Who grew up with hundreds of Dream Catchers, and who is a dab hand at Rummy? Totally ‘reem.’


When Lizzie heads to a remote Scottish glen, swearing to write off men for the new year, she doesn’t bank on finding a Gaelic god there waiting for her...

A - Z to a happier New Year!

Your guide to feeling healthier, wealthier and all round happier in 2014...

Find Out How Much You've Won!

You've got between £1 — £100 waiting for you! Claim it now!

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CM of the Month

This month's winner is Chat Moderator Barbara!

CM Barbara has won the award for CM of the Month with just over half of the total votes!

Congratulations also to jay2014 who has won £20 of Bingo Bonus Funds just for nominating Barbara!

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