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Available on:

Where this game can be played: desktop PC, mobile, tablet or in club

Type: Slot

Theme: Egyptian, Popular

Volatility: 3

Lowest stake: 1p

Highest stake: £500

Available on:


£15 Second Deposit Bonus

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Play Cleopatra for the gold of Ancient Egypt!

The famous Queen rules her mystical land, and has great treasures right to hand… Grab yours with this 20-payline slot game, packed with free spins and scatter bonuses! Keep your eyes open for the Sphinx - 3 or more appearing anywhere on the reels starts the Cleopatra Bonus. Not only do you earn 15 free spins but all wins are 3 times their normal value!

Cleopatra offers a Play for Free and Play for Real option. You can switch from Play for Free to Play for Real at any time by using the link in the top bar. You need to be logged in to play for real.

To start the game decide how much of your balance you want to take over, you can spend as much or as little of your balance as you like (as soon as you close the game down your balance will transfer back to your account automatically). You can cash out winnings or top up extra funds at any point during the. The game plays in credits, to change these click on coin value in the game top bar.

You can bet 1-5 credits on each payline.  For example, click the 1 PER LINE button to bet 1 credit on all 20 paylines.

Click the BET MAX button to bet the maximum, which is 5 credits on each payline. If you have fewer than 100 credits, BET MAX will bet all of your remaining credits.

Click the PLAY button to spin the reels. 
If you do not want to bet on all 20 paylines, you can click the button to the left or right of the payline that you want to bet on. You can bet on any of the paylines this way, and you can bet up to 5 credits on each of the paylines that you choose.

Cleopatra Bonus 
Sphinx symbols appearing in any position on two or more reels earns you a scatter award relative to your total bet. The more Sphinx symbols appearing, the larger your scatter award multiplier. 
In addition, Sphinx symbols appearing in any position on three or more reels triggers the Cleopatra Bonus.

If you hit at least three more Sphinxes during the Cleopatra Bonus round, you receive even more free spins, another 15 in fact! This can be repeated up to a total of 180 free spins meaning you have even more opportunities to win!

Cleopatra has been taking land-based casinos by storm for years and since its crossover to the online world, it has become a regular haunt for most slot players. With identical graphics and gameplay to the land version, Cleopatra the online slot game actually offers even more with an increased RTP (Return to Player). All the fun of the original with increased chances to pocket some winnings!

Malfunction voids all pays and play. 
All payline wins occur on bet-upon lines only, except for the Sphinx symbol scatter pay. 
Only highest winner paid on each payline.
Only one award paid per payline. 
Coinciding wins on different paylines are added. Scatter awards are independent from payline awards and are also added to the total amount paid. 
One or more Cleopatra symbols completing a line win doubles the award value, except when the line win only consists of Cleopatra symbols. 
Bonus trigger within a free spin adds an additional 15 spins, up to a maximum of 180 total free spins within any bonus round. 

This game has a Return to Player of 95.13 % based on good playing strategy. System malfunction voids all pays and plays.

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