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Mecca Slots



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Available on:

Where this game can be played: desktop PC, mobile, tablet or in club

Type: Slot

Theme: Casino

Volatility: 1

Lowest stake: 20p

Highest stake: £900

Available on:

Our unique bingo-based slot game has a super progressive jackpot up for grabs!

If you love Mecca, you’ll love our special slots game! Complete with plenty of little ducks, bingo cards and Mecca Wilds, it’s the perfect recipe for brilliant bingo fun! Our exclusive Mecca Slots game has 5 reels and 9 lines, and you could win up to £100,000 in the progressive jackpot!

This game offers a Play for Free and Play for Real option. You can switch from Play for Free to Play for Real at any time by using the link in the top bar. You need to be logged in to play for real.

To begin, select the amount you would like to stake. Clicking the 'Stake' button increases the stake. If you accidentally go over your desired amount, keep clicking and the value will return back to minimum. The amount shown is the stake per-line. The default value is 20p per line.

Clicking the 'Lines' button determines how many lines are played per game. Each click displays which line/s are being activated. Between 1 and 5 lines can be played per game - a single unit stake per line selected. The default setting is all five lines.

Clicking Bet Max sets the lines and the stake to maximum (if desired).

Clicking 'Spin' will spin the reels and start the game. Press only when happy with the stake and the number of lines to be played. Clicking 'Auto' will automatically keeps starting each game until the 'Stop' button is clicked, or a special feature starts.

Clicking the 'Pay table' button will show a screen of all potential winnings which is shown in multiples of stake. If the special feature icon appears on a win line, follow the on-screen instructions to play (click pay table to see icon). Any wins will be automatically credited to your account.

Note: You must be playing for a minimum of £1 a line to be eligible for the jackpot.

The maximum payout for this game is £100,000
This game is regulated by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. Maximum payout on any games is £250,000. Malfunction voids all pays and play.

All games are subject to the standard Mecca Bingo Terms and Conditions.
This game has a Return to Player of 94.82 % based on good playing strategy.
The jackpot on this game is funded by contributions from the operator not game stakes. On rare occasions we may vary how this jackpot is seeded or won, any updates will be reflected in these rules immediately.

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