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Money Mad Martians



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Available on:

Where this game can be played: desktop PC, mobile, tablet or in club

Type: Slot

Theme: Fantasy

Volatility: 3

Lowest stake: 10p

Highest stake: £500

Available on:

Attention earthlings: it’s time to stake in space.

Find the pounds on other planets and bring the cash back to Earth. This 5-reel game features mischievous martians and plenty of cash in the cosmos. There are 10 lines to win on up in outer space, so get set for some intergalactic wins as you find the gold in the galaxies!

The little green men out there bring you exciting features and bonuses including a Shuffling Reels Bonus, an Asteroid Bonus and a Planet Bonus which can award up to 50 times your stake!

• Multi-stake 5 reel 10 win line game, with 3 symbols in view on each reel.

• Line win symbols pay for 3 matching, connected symbols on a line, starting from the left hand reel.
• After any non-winning spin there is a percentage chance that the reels will shuffle to form a winning combination.
• Entry into the bonus game will come from the initial spin of the reels, and the reels will not shuffle if a bonus game is triggered.  The bonus game can also trigger a secondary bonus, which will have a minimum win of 50x stake.
• The game always uses 10 win lines.
• Available bets are 10p, 20p, 40p, 60p, 80p, £1, £2, £5, £10, £25, £50, £100, £150, £200, £300, £400
• Bets are divided equally across all 10 win lines.
• Awards are scaled up according to stake e.g. awards at £10 play are 100x awards at 10p play.
• The player must be able to stake up and down, but not alter the number of active win lines.
• We will also require Spin, Autoplay (current functionality) and Help buttons. 
• The player will select the stake prior to pressing Spin.  Alternatively, pressing Spin will repeat the last stake selection.
• The player may also use the Autoplay function, which can be stopped by pressing the Stop Autoplay button (Autoplay button has this function during Autoplay).  Autoplay uses the same stake selection until interrupted or stopped.
• Once the reels have stopped spinning, either from Spin or during Autoplay, they will be evaluated for any wins.
The game uses 10 win lines at all stakes, and their layout can be seen in-game on the pay-table (under "help")
• After any non-winning spin of the reels, there will be a percentage chance 0f shuffling the reels.  Figures can be found in the game’s spreadsheet.
• These shuffles will always result in a win that is at least 5x stake.
• A shuffle will not take place if there is a bonus entry.
• This will be triggered by three symbols appearing anywhere in view on reels 1, 3, 5.  The player will be prompted to pick one of the symbols, which will reveal either a multiplier or a bonus symbol.
• If it’s a bonus symbol, the player will be taken to a new screen – see below left – and given 3 picks, which they must use to select asteroids on the grid.
• The selected asteroid will reveal either a multiplier or an alien.  If it’s an alien, some of the surrounding asteroids will explode to reveal further multipliers / or aliens.
• If the secondary bonus is going to be awarded (% chance, details in spreadsheet), the first pick will automatically take the player into the secondary bonus. 
• The values will be presented on three planets, and the one that stops in front of the player when the planets have finished rotating around is the one that will be awarded.
• One of the planets will always equal 500x stake, one will be a random choice from 250x, 150x, 120x and 100x stake, and the third will be a random choice from 80x, 70x, 60x and 50x stake.

Malfunction voids all pays and plays. Return to player = 95.09%


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