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Lucky 7 Bingo

They say the number 7 is lucky for some, so will you strike it lucky in this bingo room? With games available 24 hours a day, including BOGOF games and free options, you’ll have plenty of chances to find some luck and be in seventh heaven with a win.



The world’s luckiest number has marked this room as its own! This is where you’ll have chance to strike it lucky 24 hours a day.

You’ll find BOGOF 75-ball bingo games in here with over £500 to win every morning, and then in the afternoon there’s £800 to snap up!

We’ve also got 4 tiptop bingo games in here that are 100% free! These have £30 up for grabs in each game. There are Trick or Treats games to be played as well, which we’ve chopped the prices for and scaled up the prize money to £900!

And our lucky list doesn’t stop there. We’ve got a great £500 BingoLinx game to enjoy too!

How To Play

In 75 ball bingo each ticket made up of 25 squares in 5 rows and 5 columns. Each square contains a number, except the centre square. The centre square on each ticket is called the "free square" and has a star in it instead of a number.

There are 5 prizes to be won in every line bingo game; 1 line, 2 line, 3 line, 4 line and 5 line. To win the 1 line prize you can have your numbers in any direction; up and down, side to side or diagonally.

To win the other line prizes your numbers have to be in lines going across. In pattern bingo the tickets work in the same way, but you're playing to win the displayed pattern rather than 1 of the line prizes.

Lucky Cash Climber

The Lucky Cash Climber is a progressive jackpot, meaning the more you stake, the more you’ll make! The jackpot gets bigger with every penny added to it. There’s a minimum win of £2,500 and to win it you just need to claim the full house prize on 42 ball calls or less. Once the jackpot’s won, it starts at £2,500 all over again.

Maxi Cash Bonus

To win this jackpot, you need to claim the full house prize on 43 ball calls or less and you’ll get a minimum of £200. But this is another progressive jackpot, so the more you put in, the more you’ll get out! Once the jackpot’s won it starts again at £200.

*All Prizes up to are subject to change based on promotional/scheduled changes

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  • Type:75 Ball

  • Tickets from:5p

  • Open:24hrs

  • Prizes up to:£1000

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