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Game Info
75 Ball
Tickets from 1p
12pm - 10pm
Open £500
Description How to Play

Mis Shapes

We love bingo of all shapes and sizes – and especially all patterns! That’s why the Mis-Shapes bingo room is packed to the brim with cash prizes, and different ways to for you to get in the best bingo shape of your life.

Our 75 Ball Pattern bingo runs from midday every day right here in the Mis-Shapes room. Pattern bingo is a twist on regular 75 ball bingo as the tickets feature a special grid with numbers in every square except the centre one. However, instead of your usual 3 standard bingo prizes, pattern bingo has up to 5!

Mis-Shapes also features our 5 time-based Premiere Bingo Jackpots for more chances to win!