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Spirit Twister Bingo

Experience a whole new twist on classic 75-ball bingo with Spirit Twister. Enjoy on-demand games, mystical and magical themes and a full house multiplier in every game! Find Spirit Twister on it’s very own TAB on the left of the bingo lobby.  



Get ready for a totally unique experience in the 75-ball bingo format you know and love. Join us for a mystical journey, filled with precious glittering gemstones, cute creatures and a deep, starry nights sky to set the mood.

Filled with new features to keep the action flowing, Spirit Twister Bingo brings you plenty of ways to win across the five standard bingo lines, a full house multiplier in every game and the Spirit Twister jackpot starting at £1,000. Plus, there’s a limited number of players for each game and equal tickets per player, boosting your chances of pocketing a prize! Always a welcome addition.

Spirit Bingo in bingo lobby

How To Play

Spirit Twister Bingo is a unique take on fast-paced 75-ball bingo, filled with a fantasy twist.

Find Spirit Twister by opening the bingo lobby and finding the Spirit Twister tab on the left. Fabulous features include:

  • Action-packed 75-ball games.
  • Capped player counts in each game from 25 to 35 – giving you better odds of winning!
  • Each player has the same number of tickets
  • Prizes up for grabs include 1 line, 2 lines, 3 lines, 4 lines and full house.

Plus, Spirit Twister full house multiplier that is randomly selected for each game, and the Spirit Twister Bingo Jackpot.

Spirit Twister Gem Multiplier

Each spirit animal game has its own Gemstone multiplier – which randomly appears at the start of each game. Once the full house winner has been announced, the house prize is multiplied by the value shown throughout the game on the gem.   During the multiplication prize announcement, all players will see a special win animation featuring the assigned animal, gem and colours used throughout the game.

Spirit Twister Bingo Jackpot

The jackpot is triggered based on a ball-call threshold that will be set by default at 40 calls. The jackpot is initially seeded at £1,000 and is a Community Jackpot with a 50/50 share, with the house winner not included in the community. Each player within the community will receive a share based on their stake in the game.

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  • Type:Special

  • Tickets from:50p

  • Open:12:00 to midnight daily

  • Prizes up to:£77.50

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