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It’s explosively good!

In this game, falling rocks can lead to bursting gemstones and the chance to take away the cash!  

The key to this cascading reel slot game is consecutive wins where you’ll unlock the multipliers and with wilds, free spin features, strategy and 243 ways to win you could be taking home the big prizes.

If you’re bursting to try this gem of a game, then why not give it a go?



GemBurst lets you blow up rocks to discover precious metal and gemstones for cash prizes! This innovative slot offers 243 ways to win with Cascading Combo Wins and Blasting Free Spins.

Win lines will explode, symbols fall and stack in empty spaces and you can get up to 30 free spins from one stake.

Trigger the Blasting Free Spins feature and place your bombs strategically to get maximum wins. The number of bombs placed under a reel acts as a multiplier for any Mystery Rock wins on that reel.

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How To Play

For information on symbols and base game instructions, please see in-game help menu.

Getting Started

Press either SPIN or select an amount of AUTO PLAYs to start the game.

The game is a 243 ways to win game. The player must select a Total Bet which will then determine the ‘ways bet’ or ‘coin value’. The ‘ways bet’ is what will be multiplied with the win multipliers from the paytable.



Cascading Combo Wins: the win multiplier will increase with every cascade win. This can result in several consecutive wins with x2+x3+x4+x5 wins in one single paid spin.


Consecutive cascading line wins will increase a multiplier applied to the line wins of the respective cascade:

Initial line wins after a fresh spin = X1 multiplier – active right away

Line wins in 1st cascade = X2 multiplier

Line wins in 2nd cascade = X3 multiplier

Line wins in 3rd cascade = X4 multiplier

Line wins in 4th and following cascade = X5 multiplier


If you have a single or a multiple-ways win in the result, all winning symbols will explode (including WILD symbols that complete a win) and leave empty spaces. These empty spaces will either be filled in by existing symbols on top of it dropping in – or by new symbols dropping in. These drop-ins can result in new winning combinations and are all paid by the initial spin – so with one stake, the player can trigger a cascade of consecutive winnings.


Hit ‘spin’ and the symbols start ‘falling from the top’ (spinning) and stacking up on top of each other.


All symbols in view are stacked up and there are wins with regular win symbols on 2 ways:

Both winning ways are shown simultaneously as overview, all symbols that form part of a win line explode with a slight offset from left to right and leave empty spaces and win field starts counting up to total win amount


As soon as win finished counting up, the x2 multiplier is activated and the remaining symbols will fall into the empty spaces and additional symbols will fall from the top to fill up the reel area again.



Blasting Free Spins and Mystery Rock:

Free spin bomb scatter symbols will trigger free spins with an additional win element. The more bombs trigger the feature, the more free spins the player will be awarded and the higher their chances are for additional, potentially very high mystery rock winnings.


Blasting Free Spins enhance the base mechanism by an additional twist, resulting in potentially very high additional winnings for the player. Blasting Free Spins are always triggered by at least 3 landing special Bomb Scatter Symbol. Each landing Bomb Scatter Symbol will then reveal between 1 and 3 Bombs within that symbol. Each Bomb awarded will equal one bomb that can be placed under a reel and 2 free spins. The amount of scatter symbols landing determines the amount of Blasting Free Spins won:


1 - 2 Bomb Scatters = Nothing

3 - 5 Bomb Scatters = Each Bomb Scatter can aware between 1 and 3 Bombs. Each Bomb revealed by the Bomb Scatter equals 2 Free Spins. The overall range of Free Spins that can be won is 6 to 30 Free Spins

Blasting Free Spins are always awarded at the end of an avalanche/cascade of a paid, regular spin. Bomb Scatters cannot drop out of the screen during an avalanche but can only keep piling up.


When at least 3 Bomb Scatter symbols land, they will reveal how many bombs are in each BombScatter – the amount can go from 1 up to 3 actual bombs per Scatter symbol. Every actual bomb awarded equals 2 Blasting Free Spins, so one Bomb Scatter symbol can award between 2 and 6 Blasting Free Spins.


The player can then decide under which reels to place the bombs, by dragging the symbols in the right position. Players can also decide to stack up to 3 Bomb Scatter symbols up under one reel. The amount of bombs placed under a reel acts as a multiplier for any Mystery Rock wins on that reel. If a player selects AUTO PLACE, the available bombs will be placed automatically. Bombs will remain active during all Blasting Free Spins, even if one explodes, it will still be active for the remaining free spins.


During Blasting Free Spins, no Bomb Scatter symbols will exist on the reels, so no additional free spins can be won during free spins. Instead special Mystery Rock symbols are added. These Mystery Rocks only exist during Blasting Free Spin and contain a variable instant cash prize, if these Mystery Rocks explode. Previously placed Bombs (or detonators) will detonate any appearing Mystery Rock symbols in their straight upward path, revealing a diamond with a variable instant win on that symbol. The revealed diamond will stay for that spin as an inactive win and not trigger a cascade by itself. The Mystery Rocks will always explode after the normal way wins and the whole cascade took place and the ways win multiplier is reset to x1. To make it clear to the player that the Mystery Rock has been ‘activated’ and will explode and reveal an additional prize later, it will have a loop-able ‘activation’ animation.


The cascading win multipliers are not applied to the Mystery Rock wins, they only apply to ways wins. If a Mystery Rock lands on a reel under which more than 1 bomb is placed, the amount of bombs there will act as a multiplier. So if there are for example 3 Bombs placed under reel 2 (this will be visually marked and highlighted) and there lands a Mystery Rock symbol on reel 2, the bombs will detonate that symbol, reveal a win amount and that win amount will be multiplied by X3.


To assure even balancing and same win chances on all the reels, the win amount ranges for the Mystery Rock symbol must be lower on the reels 1, 2, 3 (due the cascading mechanic, the chance to get a mystery rock on the first 2 reels is much higher) and can be higher on the reels 4 and 5.


The Blasting Free Spins with the placed bombs and the Mystery Rock wins will allow a wide variety of play styles – from super risky with potentially higher rewards down to playing it as safe as possible with almost guaranteed Mystery Rock winnings.

Malfunction voids all plays and pay.

Game Information

  • Min stake: 25p
  • Max stake: £100
  • Max payout: £250,000
  • Jackpot: No
  • Paylines: 243 ways to win
  • RTP: 96.1%
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