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Feel the adrenaline surge as the spirit of football collides with the thrill of roulette! Every spin is a nail-biting moment, filled with the potential for big wins. Make every spin a strategic masterpiece on your path to scoring BIG.



Ready to kick off the excitement? Play Live Football Roulette online, where every spin could be a game-winning goal!

Take your gameplay to the next level with exclusive features that put you in control and boost your chances of scoring BIG! Our charismatic live dealers are your guides through the game, providing commentary and creating an immersive experience.

Will your lucky number align with your team's winning strategy?

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How To Play

Golden Chips

If player decides to use Golden Chips for Autoplay, same-value Golden Chips are used to make bets. When these have been used up, Regular Chips are used instead.

Goal Bet

When this bet is enabled, players can place a bet on the Goal bet position (at the top of the betting map), which covers five Neighbours in a row. These Neighbours’ positions are selected randomly each round and represented as football shirts on the betting map during the betting time. After betting time, the multiplier affecting the payout of the Goal bet is shown.

It is important to note that only when players place the bet on the Goal bet position, they get the chance to win the Goal bet and get the multiplier payout. If they place Straight Up bets on the positions marked with football shirts, they are not eligible for the bet.

Placing this bet does not increase player’s table coverage.

Bet Creator

Players can use the bet creator to compose custom bets at any moment and without time limitation. They can use both the regular betting map and the Racetrack to create bets, save them as favourites or immediately place them on the table.

When the player opens the panel for the very first time, they see an overlay that explains the feature to them. When a bet is created and saved, it is available in the My Bets menu. When players create another bet, they can save it as a new bet, or update an existing one.

If the player decides to place the bet on the table straight from the bet creator, the bet is placed immediately only if the betting round is still ongoing. If the game round has already started, the bet is queued and placed in the beginning of the next betting round. If the Golden Chips have been enabled, players can use them to create bets.

Lucky Dip

Players can use the new Lucky Dip feature to try their luck. Every tap on the Lucky Dip button places chips randomly on the table on as many Straight Up positions as indicated on the button. When the player opens the Lucky Dip panel for the very first time, they see an overlay that explains the feature to them.

When the player presses the Lucky Dip button, chips are added to the table and placed onto as many Straight Up positions as indicated on the button.

For information on symbols and base game instructions, please see in-game help menu.

Game Information

  • Min stake: :TBC
  • Max stake: :TBC
  • Max payout: :£250,000
  • Jackpot::No
  • Paylines: :N/A
  • RTP: :97.30%
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