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Slot Masters

Join our Online Tournament system where you can combine elements of traditional slot games and win big.


How To Play

War Chest’ Symbol

During the battle, The ‘War Chest' symbol will land (on reel 3 only), from time to time. The ‘ War Chest’ chest will open, giving Player’s 10 seconds to choose an offensive weapon to attack an opponent’s score and clicking onto the chosen opponent’s game window. They may also choose to defend their own score, by selecting a tool such as ‘Shield’.

If the "Spin" button is then clicked without selecting a weapon or defensive tool, or the weapon selection time limit is exceeded, that particular "War Chest" will be lost and the game will continue.



Weapons available and the number of times they may be used will vary by tournament. There will always be 'defensive' weapons to enable a player to protect their own score, or 'offensive' weapons which will enable a player to attack the score of their opponents. Below is an illustration of some weapons which may be available in any given tournament.

This list is not exhaustive and available weapons, the number of uses per game and their function will be published in the games lobby for any particular tournament


Game Information

Spin the reels to match symbols and earn points, while also using defensive and offensive weapons to attack and defend against other players in real-time.

Though game play appears identical to any slots game, individual spins and games have no monetary cost or win value and are used only to amass points to be added to a player "Leader Board".

All players will be eligible to play the same number of games, with identical game length, according to the tournament details published in the games lobby.

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