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Wonder Woman Gold



The movie Wonder Woman is one highly anticipated by fantasy movie enthusiasts. This movie produced by DC Entertainment tells the story of Diana Prince on a mission to save the world. Definitely in all movies, Diana Prince, mostly known as Wonder Woman has been saving the world from disaster. Unafraid of consequences and brave, Wonder Woman is a Fictional Character.

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Wonder Woman Gold Slot Overview

Surely there is no one out there unfamiliar with this impressive character, the fictional superhero that has been wowing us with her skills and outfits since way back in 1941.

According to the original story, Wonder Woman was sculpted out of clay by her mother, given life by Aphrodite, and blessed with special powers courtesy of Greek gods.

The invincible lady is armed with impressive pieces of technology, such as Lasso of Truth which compels the victim to tell the truth and nothing but the truth, indestructible bracelets capable of stopping bullets, and a tiara which can be used as a projectile.

Would you like to know what she can do in Bally’s Wonder Woman Gold slot based on the iconic series aired during the ’70s and starring charming Lynda Carter? Let’s find out…

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