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Join us on this page from 7:45pm on Saturday 16th February 2019, to watch the Mecca Star final live from The H Club!

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Anthony Rohio

I have been singing ever since my step dad bought me my very first keyboard at the age of 17. But I was too shy to sing in front of anyone. I would spend days playing and singing in my room and that's where I learned to play the key board.

Bossom Buddies

People have often asked why we are doing our act. Well the simple truth is, we love singing and there is no better feeling than making an audience laugh and providing an escape from what we think are difficult times at present.

Jamie Parks

My name is Jamie Park, I am an acoustic singer in the north east of England. I’m a prison officer during the day and love to sing and perform on the evenings! I play rugby in my spare time too!

Krisshan Weedall

I have been singing since the age of 4, I grew up listening to all the power voices such as Celine Dion and Whitney Houston as my mum would have them on repeat.

Mandi Gibbons

Music is so so powerful it can make you feel happy, emotional, excited and it can get you through some of the hardest and most amazing times in your life. I feel blessed to be able to sing music that could possibly help someone through those times.

Sarah Angel

I am passionate, creative and super driven. I’ve always considered myself versatile and somehow always been performing. I know I have found my calling and currently just want to keep perfecting.

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The Acts

Jay James entered The X Factor in 2014 and wowed Simon, Cheryl, Mel B and Louis with his voice. The ex Navy singer released an album in 2018 and has recently finished touring.

Cutkelvins The talented trio from Scotland impressed The X Factor viewers in 2017. Mentored by Simon Cowell, their huge fanbase carried them all the way to the semi-finals.

Janice Robinson The powerful voice of 90s dance act Livin’ Joy’s, Janice most recently starred on The X Factor in 2018. A true performer, her stand-out style won the hearts of fans.

Montage of Mecca Star finalists
Montage of Mecca Star finalists

Hosted by

Lisa Celisse
is the energetic host of the Mecca Star webisodes and will be announcing the acts. She’ll entertain the audience between performances and make sure the show goes without a hitch!

Ben Haenow
Filled with boyish charm, Ben won Season 11 of The X Factor in 2014 and his debut single, ‘Something I Need’ became an instant hit. His latest album, ‘Alive’ was released in 2018.

Claire Sweeney
Head judge and hostess with the most-ess, Claire is sure to get the crowd going while sharing words of wisdom with the contestants. She’s looking forward to announcing the winner!

Susan Hill
will also present the Mecca Star final, introducing the acts and entertaining the crowd. As a top TV journalist, she knows talent when she sees it!