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The BOB Promise

Mecca’s Best Odds Bingo (BOB) is designed to be a fairer game for all, giving everyone an equal chance to win.

There are no unfair advantages – every roomie has 10 tickets each, and there’s a maximum of 25 people in each room. So your chances to win are skyrocketed!

Our main BOB room is 50p a game which covers all 10 tickets, but there are also special event BOB rooms which can offer price points such as £1.00, £1.50 and £2.50. Look out for some cool extra rewards including ‘A few extra BOB’ and ‘BOB’s your Uncle’ jackpots in each room

Did you know, BOB is an award winner?
BOB won the award for ‘Innovation in Bingo’ at the 2019 EGR awards in London! We built BOB with our players in mind – wanting to promote fair play, equal chances and more daily winners! We’re pleased others believe in these values as much as we do.

Mecca’s Best Odds Bingo (BOB) is a 50-ball bingo variant with an equal chance for everyone. This is achieved through the mechanics of the game.

Choose your game BOB room from the lobby

  • No more than 25 players in a room, so it’s never overcrowded
  • 10 tickets each per player, so no-one has an unfair advantage
  • This level playing field means that BOB is much fairer than your average bingo room and you’re more likely to win more often
  • This variant offers games with one line and full house prizes or just full house


You can also win extra prizes in each game, including:

A Few Extra BOB
You’ll bag A Few Extra BOB if you call house in 17 - 20 calls. The fixed amount jackpot will be shown in the game.

BOB’s Your Uncle
This larger progressive jackpot prize starts at £100 and grows with players’ cash stakes. The full amount is shown in the game and you’ll win it if you score house in 16 calls or less.

Look out for these amazing offers

Reduced players – from time to time we offer games with only 10 players, or even just 5 players, to give you an even bigger chance of winning!


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