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Play Slingo Games Online – UK’s Favourite Games

Have you taken online Slingo for a spin? It’s safe to say this hybrid of slots and bingo is a game-changer! Online Slingo has all the best features of slots and bingo rolled into one – you simply take a spin on any of our Slingo slots to discover if the numbers on the reels match those on your Slingo card. Ready for a rollercoaster on the reels? Then online Slingo awaits!

Online Slingo games are just one of the ways that we seek to deliver you fresh thrills on our online bingo site. If you can’t decide between a cheeky spin on one of our online slots or diving into an action-packed bingo game…why not do both?

Keen to learn more about Slingo? Ready to try it for yourself? We’ve got you covered at Mecca Bingo. You don’t need us to tell you it’s going to be Mecca!

How do you play Slingo online?

You’ll be pleased to hear that playing this rip-roaring mash up game couldn’t be easier!

When you play Slingo, you start your game with a Slingo card – then the reels spin and you find out if they match the numbers you have on your ticket. The best of both worlds (slots and bingo) is just a click away!

In most Slingo games, you’ll see it set up like a classic bingo board, but with reels that spin. You usually get 10 spins in each round, with each spin revealing five numbers.

Bet on Slingo at Mecca Bingo

Want to bet on Slingo at Mecca Bingo?

Well, you can rest assured that we’ve got Slingo well and truly covered. We’ve got Slingo games to suit everyone – from bingo beginners to seasoned Slingo lovers.

There are hordes of Slingo themes at your disposal, with plenty of your favourite slots getting the Slingo treatment. At Mecca Bingo, you’ll find Red Hot Slingo, Slingo Reel King, Slingo Starburst and Slingo Sweet Bonanza.

Plus you can even enjoy online Slingo games that are based on your favourite TV shows, like Slingo Britain’s Got Talent, Slingo Who Wants to be a Millionaire and Slingo Deal or No Deal, where you can take to the stage or try and make a deal with the banker for big cash wins. 

Wondering where to start? You might want to check out some of our prize wheel games that feature Slingo Big Wheel. As you play, you’ll need three Slingos to unlock the prize wheel…the more Slingos you get, the bigger the multipliers grow!

Our collection wouldn’t be complete without Slingo Rainbow Riches, a sensational spin off from one of our most popular slots that could lead you along the road to riches (and even a jackpot win!). 

How do you win with Slingo?

When you play Slingo, you win by completing as many lines of numbers as possible. With each line you complete, you move up the prize ladder scooping up prizes and bonus features as you go.

If you complete the grid of numbers, you get a full house which will pay out the top prize or bonus in the game. Some Slingo games will have a minimum number of lines to complete before you win any prizes, but it depends on the game you choose.

And it’s not just about crossing off the numbers on your tickets as you do in bingo. To win at Slingo, you need to accumulate points. Every spin awards you a different number of points, depending on the action. Each game offers slightly different prizes, but you most often get points for clearing lines, clearing your card, landing coin symbols and spinning 3 – 5 Jokers or Super Jokers.

Online Slingo Games Rules

Not every Slingo game is the same in terms of graphics and gameplay, but they also follow similar rules. So if you want to bet on Slingo, these are the rules you need to know:

-        A Joker is a wild symbol that can be used to mark off ANY number on one reel 

-        A Super Joker is a wild that can mark off any number on the WHOLE grid

-        3 or more Jokers or Super Jokers will award you an INSTANT cash prize

-        A coin gives an instant cash prize

-        If the devil appears, it will block any potential matches — so watch out! 

Play Slingo Games On Your Mobile

Slingo can be played on any smartphone – in other words, all your favourites are at the tips of your fingers, anywhere at any time! Simply open up the Mecca Bingo app to kick off your gameplay.

How to play Slingo with Mecca Bingo

To play online bingo with Mecca Bingo, register with us and follow these steps to get started:

  1. Log in to your account and deposit some money to play with.
  2. Open the Slingo lobby by hitting a ‘Play Slingo Now’ button.
  3. The Slingo rooms will be displayed with ticket prices and the prize on offer for the next game.
  4. Find a game that takes your fancy and join the room.
  5. Before the next game starts, choose your stake.
  6. Wait for the next game to start, spin those reels and see if your numbers come in!
  7. Once the game has started, your numbers will be marked off automatically on your tickets. We’ll let you know if you get a win.

If you want to try another game, just head to the lobby to see what else is on offer. There’s plenty to choose from, so feel free to take a look around. And don’t forget to have fun!

What are the best Slingo games to play?

This all depends on your taste! But not to worry, we’ve got a sensational selection of games for every player. You could try the wildly popular Slingo Rainbow Riches, seek out BIG money jackpots with Slingo Reel King, or crank things up a notch with a fast-paced version like Slingo Extreme. 

Why Play Online Slingo Games?

Besides the endless entertainment, big money prize prospects and the remarkable variety? Good question. You might enjoy tapping into any of our regular promotions that can boost your quest for big wins…if they don’t give you a good reason to play Slingo games online, we don’t know what will!

Can I Win Real Cash Prizes Playing Online Slingo Games?

Of course! With options to play from as little as 10p, stacks of ongoing promotions and the chance to snag major jackpots, there are umpteen ways to win real money when you play online Slingo!

Here’s a question: are you ready…to SLIN-GO?

Play Slingo Online With Mecca Bingo

Get ready as it’s time to play Slingo at Mecca Bingo. Get yourself comfy, sign up to Mecca Bingo – on our website or on the App – and click on your chosen game for some real Slingo action.

At Mecca, you’ll find some mega (or do we mean Mecca?) Slingo games. You can choose from Slingo-ne Fishin, Slingo Stampede or Slingo Centurion. And if you really want to up the ante, why not go for Slingo Extreme or Slingo XXXtreme? Don’t forget our favourites either – we love a bit of Slingo Rainbow Riches, Sling Fluffy Favourites and Slingo Bells.

Just remember to register for an account with us first and deposit some money to play with. Then it’s time to play Slingo. We know you’re going to fall in love with this delightful mash-up of bingo and slots! See you in the online Slingo room…