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Play Bingo at Mecca Bingo

Mecca yourself comfy and get ready to play the best of bingo at Mecca Bingo. We’ve got 90-ball, 80-ball, and 75-ball online bingo games, plus stacks of traditional bingo options – like the classic games you can play in your local – as well a huge selection of unique online bingo games, many of which you can only find right here!

If you’d like to get a better idea of the options so you can discover your favourite flavour of bingo, check out our features page for the breakdown.

Or, if playing bingo isn’t your jam, you can jump straight into the action with our amazing collection of online slots and games – including huge jackpot prizes, Megaways, scratchcardsMecca Originals and so much more.

Want to play bingo at Mecca Bingo? Here’s everything you need to know about online bingo. So get your dabber ready…

How Does Online Bingo Work?

Imagine enjoying the same great game you play in a club, but being able to do it on the go, at home, or even in your pyjamas. You can play bingo online or via our award-winning app on Android and iOS devices. You can pre-purchase tickets for scheduled games or jump into the action as part of our live schedule. Just pick a room and head into the lobby. You’ll be able to chat to friends, play a fab selection of mini-games or get straight into the fun in the current live bingo games. Or, if you fancy more of a face-to-face social experience, you can find your local Mecca Bingo Club and make it a night out to remember.

How To Play Online Bingo

Playing online bingo couldn’t be easier. It’s very similar to playing at your local bingo club. Just in case you haven’t been to a club before, here’s a quick run-down of how to play bingo:

    1. You start by buying a bingo ticket with a set of numbers on it. Maybe a few tickets, if you want to up your chances of winning.
    2. The caller, or in online bingo’s case, the online program, will randomly select and draw numbers.
    3. If one of your numbers is shown, the game will automatically mark it off on your ticket.
    4. The main ways to win are to get a line of numbers marked, or every number on your ticket – which is known as a full house. Some games will also reward you in other ways, such as getting the four corners of your ticket, or two lines.
    5. The program will automatically tell you if you’ve won. You’ll then be able to collect your winnings.

Playing Bingo Games Online – What Are The Rules To Know?

The rules of bingo are simple to understand but can vary slightly depending on which version of bingo you’re playing – 90-ball, 80-ball, or 75-ball bingo.

75-ball bingo is the most traditional format of bingo you’ll play online or in a club. You’ll be dabbing off the called numbers on a single card containing a grid of 5 numbers across and 5 numbers down. You’ll have to mark off a whole row to win – usually in any direction across the grid.

80-ball bingo is great for players who deem 90-ball to be a little too slow. Developed with online bingo players in mind, during 80-ball games you’ll be dabbing on a colour-coordinated 4x4 grid, with different winning patterns to play for. You can choose to manually dab your grid or you can select the auto-dabbing option for a more laid-back game.

90-ball bingo is epic, and the world’s most-loved way to play. This massive game includes grids of 9 columns and 3 rows, with 5 numbers in each row. Complete a horizontal row and you’ll win. Two horizontal rows, you’ll win. And the final winner is the lucky roomie who marks off a full house for a grand prize.

We’ve got loads of great online bingo games on offer at Grab your dabber and join us for a game!

Online Bingo Rooms Are Fun & Lively!

On top of all your old favourites and classic bingo games, we’ve got a host of exclusive-to-Mecca Bingo rooms and game types that you won’t find anywhere else. Get that Mecca feeling in Main Event Bingo or test your skills in our Gold Bingo. Not willing to put all your hope in Lady Luck today? Check out our Best Odds Bingo (BOB) rooms, where everyone stands an equal chance of winning! Each player gets ten tickets and there are no more than 25 players allowed in each room. Every room has the same number of tickets, and everyone has the same chance of winning.

When You Bet On Bingo with Mecca, Expect the Best Promotion In Town!

We love to keep it fresh and offer regular promotions where you can earn a bingo bonus, win huge cash prizes, and even holidays and cars! You’ll also want to check out our huge jackpots and fun-filled bingo game schedule, where you’ll find more bingo rooms than you’ve ever dreamt of.

How To Join Online Bingo

To play online bingo with Mecca Bingo, register with us and follow these steps to get started:

    1. Log in to your account and deposit some money to play with.
    2. Open the bingo lobby by hitting a ‘Play Bingo Now’ button.
    3. The bingo rooms will be displayed with ticket prices and the prize on offer for the next game.
    4. Find a game that takes your fancy and join the room.
    5. Before the next game starts, choose the number of tickets you want to play with. The maximum amount you can buy will vary from game to game.
    6. Wait for the next game to start and see if your numbers come in!
    7. Once the game has started, your numbers will be marked off automatically on your tickets. We’ll let you know if you get a win.

If you want to try another game, just head to the lobby to see what else is on offer. There’s plenty to choose from, so feel free to take a look around. Have fun!

What Are The Online Bingo Calls?

From the obvious to the outrageous, bingo calls have been part of British bingo history since the dawn of this great game. Some are well known and make their way into common slang; others are built on rhymes and humour. Each one is different, and it can pay off to have them memorised before you grab a dabber. Here’s our full breakdown of brilliant bingo calls.

Can I Play Online Bingo Games With Friends?

Of course! It’s what we know and love at Mecca – playing as a community. You can join fun games with friends, or simply chat with no obligation to buy tickets or play. Whether you’re playing bingo online or in a club, it’s always more fun to play with friends.

Play Bingo Online With Mecca Bingo

Dabbers at the ready (or your online version anyway), as it’s time to play online bingo at Mecca Bingo. So Mecca yourself comfy and click on your chosen game for all the fun of the bingo hall in the comfort of your own home.

At Mecca, you’ll find all your classic bingo games, including Main Event Bingo and Gold Bingo. Plus we’ve got some themed online bingo games that we know you’re going to love. Yes, we’re talking about Deal or No Deal Bingo. And if you want to really bring the excitement, don’t forget to check out Emoji Bingo, Lucky for Some Bingo or Super Sonic Bingo. We’ve got so many online bingo games just waiting for you. Ready to bet on bingo? It’ll be Mecca!

Just remember to register for an account with us first and deposit some money to play with. Then it’s time to play bingo. We know you’re going to love it! See you in the online bingo room…