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Play 90-ball bingo with Mecca Bingo

Want to get to know your 90 ball from 75-ball bingo? Fancy taking a shot at big cash prizes in classic 90-ball action? You’re in the right place. Here’s everything you need to know before you join the fun with Mecca and play bingo online.


How Does 90-ball Bingo Work?

The rules of 90-ball bingo are fair easy to grasp – so you should have no trouble before you jump into the action.

There are 15 numbers on each bingo ticket. The numbers sit in a 9×3 grid. Numbers one – 9 can be found on the first column, with 10 – 19 on the second column and so on.

The host or bingo caller will then draw out numbers from one to 90 at random as you cross off, or dab, any matching numbers on your tickets.

Great 90-ball Bingo Games

We LOVE 90-ball bingo here at Mecca and have a great selection of rooms and promotions for you to enjoy. Our favourite rooms include:

Main Event – which is always packed with jackpots and big prizes.

Penny Lane – where tickets cost just 1p each.

Deal or No Deal Bingo – where a £5,000 jackpot is up for grabs and is split between the full-house winner and everyone in the room!

There are even five Premiere Bingo Jackpot prizes up for grabs daily in selected rooms. But don’t take our word for it, grab your tickets and come and see for yourself.

How to Play 90-ball Bingo

Most 90-ball games will follow the same simple and fun formula as other popular bingo games.

The aim is to complete lines on your tickets, that are displayed in a 9x3 grid pattern, as the host calls out numbers at random from one to 90 (hence the name). There are three ways to win with 90-ball bingo – 1 line, 2 line and full house – that’s the aim of the game!

What Are the Rules of 90-ball Bingo?

Online bingo rules are fairly simple. First up, you will need to buy your tickets. Our online bingo tickets cost from as little as 1p, or free in Lucky for Some, our free bingo room, and are available before the start of every game in the bingo lobby. You can even buy tickets ahead of time, so you’re guaranteed a place if spaces are limited.

The first number called will mark the start of each game. If the number called matches the number on your ticket, cross it off! If you’re playing online bingo, our clever system will mark the numbers off for you. However, if you’re playing in your local Mecca Bingo Club – listen up!

The host or caller will continue to call numbers until someone has crossed off all their numbers to pocket the first prize – this is often called a 1-line win. The game will then continue until a 2-line win is claimed, and the coveted full house prize will be won when all the numbers of a ticket are crossed off. Good luck!

How Do You Win in 90-ball Bingo?

So, you’ve got three ways to win in 90-ball games:

1-line win – where you’ll try to cover off a complete horizontal line on your card.

2-line win – where you’ll have two completed horizontal lines. These don’t have to be on the same tickets where a 1-line win was crossed off, but they do have to be on the same ticket as each other.

Full house win – the classic call and the most fruitful way to win! Mark off all the numbers on a single ticket and you’ll often pocket a grand prize, a cash jackpot or even a shared prize that’s split between you and all the other players in the winning room.

What are the odds in 90-ball bingo?

A 90-ball bingo card usually consists of 15 numbers, and the chances of calling a full house in just 15 numbers is nearly statistically impossible! However, on average, 75% of 90-ball games are won by the 64th call.

There are a few tips you can use to up your odds, like playing at a time when the room is quietest, buying multiple cards or waiting for a shared jackpot prize to drop.

But if you truly want the best odds of winning at bingo, BOB (or Best Odds Bingo), is the place to be. Player numbers are capped, and you can only buy a maximum of 10 tickets – which only costs 50p! There are even cool rewards up for grabs, like ‘A Few Extra BOB’ and the ‘BOB’s Your Uncle’ jackpots. Want the best odds of winning at bingo? Check it out.