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Penny Lane 1p

Open 24 hours a day, Penny Lane is the home of budget bingo at Mecca! This 90-ball room is great for some penny-friendly play. And, just to add to the fun, you’ve also got a chance to win one of our five Premiere Bingo Jackpots – for just a penny! Big value bingo is the name of the game with Penny Lane.



Penny Lane is our fabulous 1p bingo room. Open 24/7, you’ll never pay more than a penny* for a ticket in this 90-ball bingo room. You can get up to 120 1p bingo tickets in each penny game, making this our best value bingo room!

This room also features our exclusive time-based Premiere Bingo Jackpots for an extra 5 chances to win! With tonnes of online bingo rooms to suit all budgets, we’ve got great value and fabulous fun by the bucket load!

*It’s worth noting that on occasion we run big linked games – these games may not be 1p, however the games will be clearly marked as link/event games.

How To Play

Penny Lane games are 90-ball, which means there are 3 prizes to be won in every game; 1 line, 2 lines and full house.

Standard bingo

There are great sessions within the schedule and the chance to win one of our five Premiere Bingo Jackpots. You can find out more about our jackpots here.

Look out for these amazing offers

Win a pretty penny! Play £20 and £30 games from 9am, £50 games from 4pm and £50 and £100 games in Penny Power from 6pm.

Plus – Look out for the £500 Penny Links games at 7pm and 10pm, where you can win the top prize of £250 from as little as 1p!!


The Penny Weekender

There’s £5,000 in Penny games up for grabs over Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 8pm to 10pm with all penny games paying out £100.


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  • Type:90 Ball

  • Tickets from:1p

  • Open:24hrs

  • Prizes up to:£1000

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