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Bonkers Bingo

In favour of misbehaviour!

Bonkers Bingo is BACK with a vengeance and this time we're sassier, fiercer, but definitely not classier.

With the cringiest dance-offs, we don't bring the party. We are the party.

Fresh beats will be dropped on the decks from some of your fave DJs, tasty grub is served all night and the drinks are over-flowing. (However fabulously you drink, please drink responsibly.)

The bingo is intense, the prizes are crap (cat tongue brush, anyone?) and the costumes are atrocious. But leave your ego at the door, because when we say you twerk on a pole... You twerk on a pole.

You ready to go Bonkers with us?


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Bounce Bingo

Bounce Bingo will be hitting the Scottish Mecca clubs in 2024,

Want to jive with your bingo books and dabbers? Bounce Bingo is waiting for you!

Much more coming soon...

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Who’s ready to put that base in your walk? Gather your gang, bring your date, bring your office mates - for a night of fun, outrageous campery and prizes to be won!

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Hunniest party night in town!

Join social media Sensat-Hun Hunsnet for the hunniest party night in town!

Coming this March & April to Mecca Bingo…

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