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At Mecca Bingo, we’ve been entertaining the nation for over 60 years, one of the reasons why we’re a bingo favourite is that we’re home to the exclusive Premiere Bingo Jackpots.

These jackpots drop randomly in participating bingo rooms and since launching last year, we’ve paid out over £2 million to more than 5,000 players.

With 15 jackpots paid out on average daily, will you be one of our next lucky winners?

“But how can I win?” Easy – just buy a ticket for any participating room! When you’re in the bingo lobby, keep an eye out for crown symbol, which shows if a room has Premier Bingo Jackpots. When in a the room, click the crown to find out how much each jackpot is currently worth and how close it is to the next drop!

The jackpots up for grabs are…

Tick Icon Premiere Bronze Jackpot

Is won on average every 2 hours with a fixed prize of £10.

Tick Icon Premiere Silver Jackpot 

Is won on average twice a day. Prize is fixed at £50.

Tick Icon Premiere Gold Jackpot

Is won on average once a day. Total prize is fixed at £100.

Tick Icon Premiere Platinum Jackpot 

Is won on average twice a month. This is a progressive Jackpot starting at £5,000 which has been won at over £10,000!

Tick Icon Premiere Diamond Jackpot

Is won on average once each month. This massive progressive Jackpot starts at £10,000 and can grow to over £70,000!

Check out our rooms that now feature Premiere Jackpots

Previous Premiere Bingo Jackpot Lucky Winners

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Lucks in on Two Little Ducks!

Diamond drop!

Date: 16th May

Congratulations to freshirl, our latest Diamond Jackpot winner who took home a massive £50,242.53 from Two Little Ducks. What an epic win!

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Penny Lane Big Winner!

You gogirlie!

Date: 15th May 2021 

Our Platinum Jackpot has been won AGAIN. gogirlie picked up £29,688.97 in Penny Lane. Nicely done!

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Fantastic Friday

Congrats to Bony34

Date: Friday, 19th March

Body: Boney34 pocketed a whopping £54,527.48 in The Main Event room in big money bingo with our Premiere Diamond Jackpot! Hats off to you, roomie.

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Whopping win on Main Event!

bruceybonus Hits the Jackpot!

Date: Monday 1st, March 2021

bruceybonus won a whopping £29,097.02 Premiere Platinum Jackpot – now that’s a bonus – she is planning a move to live in the sun!

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Penny Lane Big Winner!

bingbong69's luck is in!

Date: Wednesday 17th, February 2021 

bingbong69 won a fantastic £30,451 Premiere Platinum Jackpot – well done bingbong!

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Huge Win on Supersonic!

Pepsi65 in the money!

Date: Wednesday, 17th February

Pepsi65 won the Premiere Diamond Jackpot with a sparkling diamond win of £48,100.92!

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Lucks in on BOB!

chuffed Wins Big

Date: Thursday 4th, February 2021

Our lucky player “chuffed” won the Premiere Platinum Jackpot in BOB and the prize was an amazing £21,251.21 – he is chuffed with that win!

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Super Big Win!

Sweet_Cucumber gets Lucky

Date: Saturday, 21st January 2021

Sweet_Cucumber couldn’t believe her luck when she won £51,289.03, in Supersonic bingo!

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It’s a Gold Rush!

baileytilly Wins Big

Date: Saturday, 2nd January  

With a steady hand and a cool head, baileytilly secured herself a handsome bounty of £26,856.40 in Gold Rush. Well played, roomie. 

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Janet’s Jackpot

Saturday Night Winner!

Date: Saturday, 2nd January

Janet went from 10p to £33,889.47 in our Jive Talking room at the weekend – enough to splash out on a conservatory. Well done on scoring the Platinum Jackpot, you did us proud!

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Shining wins!

Sanders98 Wins BIG

Date: Thursday, 24th December

Get in on Diamond Jackpots with Mecca. Sanders98 transformed just 20p into £52,865.62 in our Emoji room – and so could you!

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Jolly Jackpots!

Supersonic Big Winner!

Date: Sunday, 20th December

Kacher, managed to secure a massive £26,658.90 Platinum Jackpot just in time for Christmas! It took just a £2.40 spend in Supersonic to grab this mega win.