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Premiere Jackpots


At Mecca Bingo, we’ve been entertaining the nation for over 60 years, one of the reasons why we’re a bingo favourite is that we’re home to the exclusive Premiere Bingo Jackpots.

These jackpots drop randomly in participating bingo rooms and since launching in 2019, we’ve paid out over £3 million to thousands of players.

With 15 jackpots paid out on average daily, will you be one of our next lucky winners?

“But how can I win?” Easy – just buy a ticket for any participating room! When you’re in the bingo lobby, keep an eye out for crown symbol, which shows if a room has Premier Bingo Jackpots. When in a the room, click the crown to find out how much each jackpot is currently worth and how close it is to the next drop!

The jackpots up for grabs are…

Tick Icon Premiere Bronze Jackpot

Is won on average every 2 hours with a fixed prize of £10.

Tick Icon Premiere Silver Jackpot 

Is won on average twice a day. Prize is fixed at £50.

Tick Icon Premiere Gold Jackpot

Is won on average once a day. Total prize is fixed at £100.

Tick Icon Premiere Platinum Jackpot 

Is won on average twice a month. This is a progressive Jackpot starting at £5,000 which has been won at over £10,000!

Tick Icon Premiere Diamond Jackpot

Is won on average once each month. This massive progressive Jackpot starts at £10,000 and can grow to over £70,000!

Premiere Jackpots? Find 'em in these rooms

Look who hit the Premiere Bingo Jackpot...


Premiere Jackpot Winners 
5th July 2023 mandymooch won a massive £19,831.10
 PBJ-Platinum in 75 Jive Talking
11th June 2023 xxCodxx won a mega £18,365.96
PBJ-Platinum in Burst Bingo
17th May 2023 LILSAZ24 won a whopping £21,729.81
 PBJ-Platinum in Emoji Bingo
17th June 2023 maglou02 won a fabulous £35,631.91 PBJ Diamond in Main Event
16th July 2023 Bethy_Boo won a huge jackpot of £35,650.82 PBJ Diamond in Main Event
17th May 2023 BOYCIE64 won a brilliant £32,838.42 PBJ Diamond in Penny Lane