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50 Ball Bingo

What is different about 50 Ball Bingo?

50 Ball Bingo is faster than your average online bingo game, so perfect if you fancy a quick dab or two when you’re out and about. While the play is exciting and fast-paced, the game retains an aura of classic 90 Ball Bingo but with a smaller layout.

How do you win at 50 Ball Bingo?

There are two ways of winning in 50 Ball Bingo; you can use both in the same game! Filling in one complete line on your card gets you one win. The other win comes with a full house, which requires dabbing off every one of your 10 numbers.

50 Ball Bingo Payouts

Prizes vary. It depends on the game and which room you are playing in.

50 Ball Bingo Rooms like no other here are our 50 ball rooms and how you win on each:

Burst Bingo

The Bouncy Balls Bingo game consists of one ticket with 12 numbers. The ticket is made up of four bouncy balls joined by leaves which contain the numbers. When a ball is called that matches a number on the ticket, the leaf with that number disappears from the display.

There are four different ticket prices that can be bought depending on stake levels; these are distinguishable by different coloured bouncy balls. The prices for a ticket will be the same for each bingo game. When tickets are available for purchase, the ticket price is clearly published on a bespoke ticket purchaser on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Devices. If playing on a Desktop or Tablet device you will be able to manually select your own ticket out of a choice of 3 options.

Once the game has started, the purchased ticket will show a unique ticket number on the left hand side of the ticket.

The four bouncy balls on a ticket represent 4 balls. When a bouncy ball is completed (i.e. all 4 numbers around a ball have been marked off), the bouncy ball will move away from its initial static position and bounce down to the bottom of the ticket area to fill the first available empty bouncy ball space.

The objective is to collect as many of the 4 bouncy balls from the ticket within a game in order to build up your 4 balls Collection, see Bouncy Ball Collection Feature section.

In the Burst Bingo game, instead of standard Bingo tickets, you will see 10 animal icons bobbing in the air, holding numbered balloons within the ticket area. When a Burst ball call is matched with an icon on your ticket, the balloon will pop, and the animal will disappear from the ticket display.

The price of a ticket varies for each bingo game. When tickets are available for purchase, the ticket price is clearly published. You can see this at the top of the ticket display on tablets, in the ticket purchase screen on mobile and in the purchase tickets pop-up window and at the top of the ticket area of the bingo window.

Emoji Bingo

It’s super easy to play and you’ll only need 1 ticket for each game. Just start by choosing your ticket price. Once you’ve picked your ticket, you’ll notice it has 10 emojis on it and – you guessed it – you’ve got to match the ones on your ticket to the emojis being called out. Instead of dabbing them out, you pop them (or let the game do it for you automatically). With each correct pop you’ll hear a special sound, and the first person to mark off their emojis wins the prize!

Each game will be a multi-stake game so you pick your own ticket price, which means you can always join in, whatever your budget. The higher the ticket price you choose, the higher the prize money will be. When choosing your tickets, the prize displayed will be for the ticket price currently selected. When you’re in the game the prize displayed in the room is the prize for the maximum ticket price holders. All prizes will be paid out proportionally to ticket price.

If you want to know a bit more about multi-stake games, have a look on our bingo features page.