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Burst Bingo

Bursting balloons, cute animals, speedy bingo – this colourful room has everything! Select your ticket price and watch as the balloons burst to reveal the numbers. The higher the ticket price, the more you stand to win. Are you bursting with excitement? You certainly should be!



What could be better than speed bingo in a totally unique room? Speed bingo with cute animals! Our Burst Bingo room is exclusive to Mecca and is open from 8am - 2am.

You get to choose the price you want to pay, then watch out for your balls being called as the balloons burst. You can even mark off your numbers by bursting those balloons yourself! And this room also has the benefit of Mecca’s exclusive Premiere Bingo Jackpots.

How To Play

Burst is a 50-ball bingo variant, with each ticket made up of 10 different animals holding a balloon with a number in.

Games run approximately every 2 minutes and with only 10 numbers to mark off for a full house, there's loads of fun to be had. The winning prize amount is determined by the value of the ticket purchased.

The prize amount shown within the game is reflective of the prize for players who have purchased the most expensive tickets for that game. Each ticket price shows its corresponding prize when selecting a ticket to purchase.

There is no prize for 1 line or 2 lines, just the Full House prize to be won in this game and this will be won by the first player to burst all 10 balloons. The Premiere Bingo Jackpots are a series of time-based jackpots linked across certain bingo rooms. Read more about Premiere Bingo Jackpots.

*All Prizes up to are subject to change based on promotional/scheduled activity.

Look out for these amazing offers...

Join our Weekend Burst Party! Play Burst from 9pm to midnight Friday, Saturday and Sunday night and choose from 5 tickets prices starting at 20p. You could win up to £75!

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  • Type:50 Ball

  • Tickets from:10p

  • Open:8am - 2am

  • Prizes up to:£75

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