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Play 75-Ball Bingo Games Online

75-ball is an online bingo game that’s fast, fun, and action-packed! Join our speedy 75-ball bingo games and play today for non-stop entertainment. Discover the thrills that await with Mecca Bingo and play bingo from just 1p. Look out for bingo promotions in our 75-ball rooms – and don’t forget to check out our jackpots and free bingo too. We keep it lively at Mecca Bingo, so expect to have plenty of fun on the way!

75-Ball Bingo Cards

Tickets are made up of five horizontal lines and five columns. Each column is headed by a letter spelling out B-I-N-G-O across the ticket. Your goal is to cross off the numbers on your sheet as they are called out.

You can win by achieving more traditional bingo line wins, or by completing set patterns announced before the game begins. A full house will also see you pocketing a top prize!

Call us crazy…but we think the best way to learn the ropes is by getting involved. You can join the fun online in some of our top 75-ball bingo rooms, like Jive Talking, Deal or No Deal Bingo, Born in the USA and Mis-Shapes Bingo – there are also time-based Premiere Bingo Jackpots to play for daily in selected rooms, which could see you winning BIG cash prizes!

What are the Rules When Playing 75-Ball Bingo?

If you’ve ever played online or in-club, the rules of 75-ball bingo will be familiar. The way to win remains the same – that is, to cross off as many numbers as possible on your ticket grid. 75-ball differs in that there are multiple ways of winning at play, and games are typically much quicker than .

Your tickets are divided in a 5x5 grid pattern, with the word BINGO spelled out across the top of each column. The ‘B’ column has numbers 1-15, the ‘I’ column has numbers 16-30, and so on. There is a space right in the centre of the card that’s free. This has no number on it and is counted as already being covered.

There are various ways to win 75-ball bingo. These include line wins as is the case with 90-ball, alongside additional pattern wins that will be announced before the game begins. Fancy trying a game in one of our 75-ball rooms and unleashing a world of entertainment?

How Do You Win in 75-ball Bingo?

When you play 75-ball bingo online, there are many different winning combinations to play for. These vary by game or room, but typically include:

  • Line wins: if you complete a single line on your card. These can be vertical, horizontal, or diagonal.
  • Coverall: K.A a full house – is when you cover off all 24 numbers on a single card.
  • Bingo Patterns: before the start of selected games, a distinctive winning pattern will be announced. Copy the pattern while crossing numbers off your ticket and you could pocket a win. Usual patterns include crosses, chevrons, and diamonds.

What are 75-Ball Bingo Patterns?

There are a few different winning patterns you can play in 75-ball games. Just like 90-ball bingo, the aim is to cross off numbers as they’re called. On top of the regular line wins, as is common in 90-ball games, make sure to also look out for special patterns when you play 75-ball bingo online.

A winning pattern or shape will be announced at the start of the game, and the aim is to tick off numbers to make the same pattern on your cards. There are lots of different pattern wins available, including diamonds, crosses, and chevrons to add to the fun!