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Game Info
75 Ball
Tickets from 5p
Open 24hrs
Prizes up to £1000
Description How to Play

Born In The Usa

American style 75-ball room with 5 prizes in every game! Tickets 1p to 25p.

Born in the USA is the home of fun in 75-ball bingo. Open 24 hours a day to serve up some serious winning potential, this is unapologetic and oversized fun! Get ready to experience 75 ball at its very best.

You’ll find 75-ball bingo games in here with over £500 to win every morning, plus £800 to snap up every afternoon! AND £500 BingoLinx games to enjoy too.

Born in the USA offers up 4 tiptop bingo games for you! These have £30 up for grabs in each game. You can also join Trick or Treats games: where we’ve chopped ticket prices and scaled up the prize money to an awesome £900!

So, ready to join the action in our fast and fun home of 75-ball bingo, Born in the USA?