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Play online scratchcards at Mecca Bingo

Looking for instant wins? Itching for a quick game? Try our online scratchcards. Just like regular scratchcards, you need to match symbols to win.

There are many different types and themes of scratchcard games — some offer one chance to win for your stake, and others offer up to 5 games on the card.

Scratchcard prizes up for grabs

Scratchcard prizes are usually cash and there are many different themes to chose from. There are some instant win versions of slot games like Space Force, Deal or No Deal - What's in Your Box Scratch and 7UP. These games are styled in the same way and will feature the same graphics and characters that you’ll have seen on the equivalent online slots game. If you haven’t tried the reel version, why not give that a spin?

The cash prizes available from playing instant win games vary from scratchcard to scratchcard but you can play from as little as 20p. There are many games that include jackpot prizes for matching special symbols, giving you the chance to win large cash prizes. Feeling lucky? Have a look at our instant win scratchcards!

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What are online scratchcards?

Online scratchcards are similar to their paper counterparts but with a few extra benefits. For instance, traditional and online scratchcardsare easy to pick up and play, but if you win with an online scratchcard, you’ll receive your cash instantly! Instant win scratchcards are available at different prices to suit your pocket, usually ranging from £1 to £10.

The difference between paper and online scratchcards is primarily mechanics. Instead of scratching a card to reveal your numbers on a printed scratchcard, online scratchcards use Random Number Generators (RNG) to get your card’s number combination. 

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What are the odds of winning on a scratchcard?

The probability of winning is up to pure chance with scratchcards, since there’s no skill you can learn or improve on to increase your chances of taking home a prize.

Like online slots, all instant win games will have an indicated Return To Player (RTP). An RTP is a value that indicates what return you are likely to get. For example, on a game with a 95% RTP, you may get back £0.95p for every £1.00 you wager.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you’ll get a return with every play.ather, this is the calculated chance of a return over a long period of play. So the next time you’re choosing a scratchcard, take a look at the indicated RTP. 

Visit Mecca Bingo’s online scratchcard games to find out about all the games on offer, as well as the RTP for each online scratchcard.


How do you play online scratchcards?

Online scratchcards are very easy to pick up and play, but work differently depending on whether you buy your scratchcard on a desktop or mobile device. If you’re playing on a desktop, you can click on the different sections and wiggle your mouse to ‘scratch’ off the panel. 

On mobile devices, you can use your finger to show your numbers or symbols instead. Most games also include a ‘reveal’ button that shows all the symbols at once, which gives  you an instant result. Check out our guide on how to play scratchcards for a more detailed explanation. 

The rules of each online scratchcard differ slightly. For example, the game The Incredible Balloon Machine has a feature where you can inflate a balloon to increase your credits.

Check out our entire range of online scratchcards to find out more about the specific rules for each game.

What are instant-win games?

Instant win games are games that give players a chance to win instant cash prizes. These games are usually simple to play and can be played in quick succession. Spinning a wheel or scratching a card are examples of instant win games.

Our instant-win games can be found alongside our scratchcard games at Mecca Bingo.


How do you know if you have won on a scratchcard?

When you win with most online scratchcards, your screen will light up and your winnings will be displayed. If you do miss the notification, you’ll still be able to view your increased balance amount in-game. 

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