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Transport yourself into the board-game world of Jumanji in this thrilling slot – where a stampede of features and references to the classic 90s flick await.

The Jumanji slot’s collection of animal symbols and smooth bonus rounds combine for a slot that pays homage to the family favourite, while offering a compelling experience. From Monkey Mayhem, where the reels are shuffled for a guaranteed win, to Wild Rhinos stampeding across the reels – the unpredictable action of Jumanji never ceases to excite.   

How To Play

For base game instructions, please see the in-game help menu.

Sticky Vines

During the Sticky Vines feature, all symbols that are a part of a win and all Wilds from the initial spin (even if they are not part of a win) stick to the reels, and all other symbols spin again.

Monsoon Wilds

If the Monsoon Wilds feature is activated, one or two reels will be completely covered in Wilds while the reels spin.

Monkey Mayhem

If the Monkey Mayhem feature is activated, any potential wins are awarded once the reels have stopped. Then, all symbols are shuffled randomly to create a guaranteed win

Wild Stampede

If the Wild Stampede feature is activated, rhinos will stampede across the screen while the reels spin, adding 4-9 Wilds.

Board Game

The player moves the token on the board by rolling the two six-sided dice. True odds for the dice rolls! Each Free Spin feature is located at each corner of the board game. When the token lands on one of the two locations in front of a feature, that feature will be activated. The Free Spin features correspond to the main game features (Sticky Vines and Vines Free Spins).

Mystery Feature

When the token lands on the Mystery Feature location, a carousel of Free Spin features, coin wins (x2 - x10 bet), and 2 extra dice rolls appears within the Jumanji® circle. The player is awarded with the one that the carousel stops on.

Terms & Conditions

Malfunction voids all plays and pay. RTP = 96.33 %

Game Information