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Zillard King

Ride the storm and witness the power of Zillard King, Red Tiger’s fearsome kaiju-inspired slot game. In the depths of the ocean, an elemental power stirs – will you survive it? Charge your progress bar and win Thunder and Zillard wilds. Will you spin your way to victory in this charged-up slot game?



Will you conquer the storm or submit to the king of monsters?

Zillard King is a terrifying slot game brought to you by Red Tiger. This kaiju-themed slot game depicts a chaotic, stormy ocean filled with danger. The Zillard King, an enormous lizard-like titan who rests in the deep waiting for his moment to rise and conquer Earth, is at the centre of this electrifying slot game.

To survive the onslaught, you’ll need to charge up your progress bar by collecting Gold Coins. This will upgrade your game and grow your strength. Eventually you’ll unlock Thunder and Zillard Wilds that will grant multipliers and an extra reel.

Will you become powerful enough to defeat the king of the monsters? Play Zillard King and find out.

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How To Play

Progress Bar

Listen to the roar – it’s time to upgrade! Collect 30 Gold Coins to unlock the first upgrade, 60 Gold Coins for the second, and 90 Gold Coins for the final upgrade. Until all 3 possible upgrades have been unlocked the Zillard Wild Progress Bar appears to the right of the reels. Once all three upgrades have been unlocked, that Progress Bar turns into a 6th reel, on which only high-paying symbols can then land.

Thunder Wilds

Unleash the thunder! When a Zillard Wild lands on the reels without triggering a win, Zillard roars to summon Thunder Wilds. This activates a guaranteed win! Between 3 and 6 Thunder Wilds can drop before the 6th progress reel has been unlocked, and between 3 and 9 after that. These Wilds substitute for all paying symbols.

Zillard Wilds

Unlock sticky, stacked, increasing multiplier Wilds! As Gold Coins are added to the Zillard Wild Progress Bar, a series of three Zillard Wild upgrades can be unlocked. For each consecutive win it participates in, the Win Multiplier increases to up to x20. - Upgrade #1 turns the Zillard Wild into a stacked 1x4 symbol. - Upgrade #2 adds a random multiplier to the Zillard Wild. - Upgrade #3 turns the Zillard Wild sticky. It will remain locked on the reels until it participates in at least one win, followed by a non-winning spin.

Gold Coins

As long as there are still Zillard Wild upgrades to be unlocked, Gold Coins may appear in the bottom right-hand corner of any symbol on the reels. If they land on the same spin as a Zillard Wild they are collected and contribute to the Zillard Wild Progress Bar.


For information on symbols and base game instructions, please see in-game help menu.

Game Information

  • Min stake: 10p
  • Max stake: £20
  • Max payout: £250,000
  • Paylines: 30
  • RTP: 93.68%
  • Special features: Gold Coins, Zillard Wilds, Thunder Wilds, Progress Bar
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