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Roulette x5

Fancy taking home 500x your win on the roulette wheel? With Roulette x5, you can! Each winning spin releases 6 dice and if 4 or more of them are matching then you could win a 500% bonus on your winnings!



Roulette just got 500x times more exciting. When you play Roulette x5, your chances of taking home an immense win increases with every spin of the roulette wheel. 

Place your bets as normal on numbers or colours, then after every winning spin, 6 dice are rolled out and your chances to win big become colossal! If you roll 4 matching dice, you’ll win a 10% bonus, if you roll 5 matching dice you’ll win a 50% bonus and if you roll 6 matching dice, then you’ll win a 500% bonus on the winning spin amount!

How To Play

Roulette x5 is based on European roulette rules and uses a wheel with 37 pockets (numbers 0 to 36). On the table, the numbers from 1 to 36 are coloured red or black and the single zero is coloured green.

Make your bets on the table then the roulette wheel will spin and the ball will be rolled onto the spinning wheel. Once the ball drops into one of the numbered pockets, the winning number is identified. If the spin is winning for player, 6 dice are rolled to potentially enhance the winnings.

Dice roll feature
If you win on one of the spins, 6 dice are rolled for the chance to award you with up to 500% bonus on winnings!

For information on symbols and base game instructions, please see in-game help menu.

Malfunction voids all plays and pay. RTP = 97.66% to 98.00%

Game Information

  • Min Bet: £0.10
  • Max Bet: £1,000
  • RTP: 97.66% to 98.00%
  • Standard Roulette: 97.3%
  • Feature: Dice Roll after each call gives up to 500% bonus on winnings
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