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Winning Kick LuckyTap

It’s time for kick-off! Do you have what it takes to strike it lucky? Then give this thrilling football-themed game a go. Shoot for gold with multipliers galore or trigger the progressive jackpot for a shot at mega wins!



Put your lucky jersey on­ – this action-packed game is going to make the crowd go wild! Experience the action of a footy game and the thrill of unlocking incredible features that could lead to glory. Are you daring enough to shoot for multipliers, or will you score big and trigger the jackpot? Let’s find out!

Play Winning Kick LuckyTap online today for your chance to win.

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How To Play

Multiplier Feature

Should there be 10 or fewer prizes awarded on any winning play, the Multiplier Feature may randomly activate. If the Multiplier Feature is activated, a Random Multiplier of ×2, ×3, ×4, ×5, ×6, or ×7 will appear in front of the net. All Currency Wins will be multiplied by the Random Multiplier.

Progressive Pick Bonus

The Progressive Pick Bonus feature will be initiated if 3 Bonus symbols are awarded on a winning play. During this feature of the game, the player may continue picking balls until 3 matching objects are revealed.

Progressive Jackpot

To unlock the jackpot, The Progressive Pick Bonus must be accessed in order to win 1 of 3 Progressive Jackpots.

The 3 Progressive Jackpots are: Minor, Major, and Mega

  • If 3 Minors are uncovered during the Progressive Pick Bonus, the value of the Minor Progressive is awarded.
  • If 3 Majors are uncovered during the Progressive Pick Bonus, the value of the Major Progressive is awarded.
  • If 3 Megas are uncovered during the Progressive Pick Bonus, the value of the Mega Progressive is awarded.

It is not possible to have two simultaneous wins of the same Progressive Jackpot.

24% of the bet is contributed to the Minor Progressive Jackpot.

21% of the bet is contributed to the Major Progressive Jackpot.

17% of the bet is contributed to the Mega Progressive Jackpot.

The start-up values for the Progressive Jackpots at bet multipliers other than 1x are calculated by multiplying the bet multiplier by the start-up value at a 1x bet multiplier.



For information on symbols and base game instructions, please see in-game help menu.

Game Information

  • Min stake: 50p
  • Max stake: £45
  • Max payout: £250,000
  • Jackpot: Yes
  • Paylines: N/A
  • RTP: 94.8%
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