National Bingo Day Celebrations

More chances to win - all weekend!

It’s National Bingo Day on 27th June, so we’re celebrating all weekend by giving you more chances to win!

WIN: Cash prizes of up to £2,500 or free tickets to the next game!

WHEN: 25th June – 27th June


Mega Money Weekend: Grab tickets for our Mega Money Weekend £30,000 sessions on Friday and Saturday from 7pm and Sunday from 6pm in the MAIN EVENT bingo room.
Each game will pay from £250-£5,000!

EVERYONE is guaranteed to win either a cash prize or tickets to the next game

Plus there’s a £5,000 win–win game at 9pm each night – where everyone will win a prize!

On the Day Itself:

Big cash bingo: Join in our spectactular £30,000 session in the Main Event from 6pm – everyone will win a cash prize or win free tickets to the next game, there’s roll on and XTG for more chances to win and a £5,000 win-win game at 9pm where everyone will win a prize!

Chat: Mecca’s Fairy Godmother will be using her magic wand to gift extra cash prizes throughout our bingo rooms from 10am-9pm on Sunday…here’s hoping your wishes are granted!

Studio: At 6pm we will be streaming live into your bingo rooms in a one-off special to celebrate National Bingo Day – when we visit our Mecca Clubs to celebrate all you love about bingo!

Raffle: You can win FREE BINGO FOR A YEAR in our latest Mecca Raffle

Club: If you’re in one of our Mecca Clubs on Sunday, you can play the National Game to win up to £50,000 and on Friday you can celebrate Junemas! Will Christmas come early for you this year?

Plus: It’s the final week of Summer Treats bingo and Live from Studio M all week – tune in to win from 8pm to 10pm Monday to Friday in the Main Event or Penny Lane.

Good luck!