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Game Info
90 Ball
Tickets from 5p
Open Midnight to 5pm
Prizes up to £500
Description How to Play

Age Of Gods Bingo

Play for four prizes in every game in this mythical room based on the top slot of the same name.

This heavenly bingo room has plenty of chances to bag prizes fit for a god. As well as the 1 line, 2 line and full house wins, there’s also the chance to claim extra prizes at the end of each game.

If you’re the lucky mortal that lands a full house in selected games, you’ll get to take part in the divine additional feature. At the end of the game, you will be presented with 9 Age of the Gods gold coins. Turn 3 of them over to reveal the faces of Zeus, Hades, Athena and Ares. If 3 of them match, the additional prize money will be bestowed unto you as follows:

Zeus - 100% Community prize

Hades - 100% Full House Winner prize

Athena - 75% Community, 25% Full House Winner prize

Ares - 75% Full House Winner, 25% Community prize

May the Gods be ever in your favour!