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Open: 7am – 2am

Tickets from: 0.25

Prizes up to: £140.00

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We’ve turned bingo into a real emojional rollercoaster… that’s right, in this game, emojis replace bingo balls!

There are loads of quirky characters to enjoy from 7am to 3am every day and it’s just like 50 Ball Bingo – except with emojis. Plus, you can choose how much you want to pay for the game, so turn that frowny emoji face upside down and play! And with up to 5 jackpots to be won, this room is not to be missed!

*All Prizes up to are subject to change based on promotional/scheduled activity

It’s super easy to play and you’ll only need 1 ticket for each game. Just start by choosing your ticket price. Once you’ve picked your ticket, you’ll notice it has 10 emojis on it and – you guessed it – you’ve got to match the ones on your ticket to the emojis being called out. Instead of dabbing them out, you pop them (or let the game do it for you automatically). With each correct pop you’ll hear a special sound, and the first person to mark off their emojis wins the prize!

Each game will be a multi-stake game so you pick your own ticket price, which means you can always join in, whatever your budget. The higher the ticket price you choose, the higher the prize money will be. When choosing your tickets, the prize displayed will be for the ticket price currently selected. When you’re in the game the prize displayed in the room is the prize for the maximum ticket price holders. All prizes will be paid out proportionally to ticket price.

If you want to know a bit more about multi-stake games, have a look on our bingo features page.

This Room features our five Premiere Bingo Jackpots!

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