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Want wins worthy of a finalist? Then grab your dabber and make your performance in The X Factor Bingo room. Our exclusive partnership with The X Factor means all you bingo lovers have the chance to shine too!

To join in on all the fun and excitement of the hit TV talent show, shimmy on in from 10am to 11pm any day of the week. Once you’re in, you’ll come face to face with the Judges Desk feature where they have a special ticket hidden behind their table. If you complete this, you’re in for the biggest wins in these exciting X Factor games!

There are 4 jackpots on offer on the Judges Desk ticket. Rewards will come in if you mark off a number on the full house call, as well as if you finish 1 or 2 lines. And then there’s the full house award - reach this and you’ll land the £500 jackpot! Prizes will be split in the event of multiple winners.

*All Prizes up to are subject to change based on promotional/scheduled changes

There's more money up for grabs in The X Factor online bingo game than ever before with the Judges Desk feature. Hidden behind their table the judges have a special ticket which you’ll need to complete if you want to bag the biggest wins!

The final call in a full house win can mark off a number on the Judges Desk, rewarding you with a £5 bonus. Complete 1 Line of their ticket for a £50 reward, or finish 2 lines and you’ll bag £100. Reach full house on the Judges Desk ticket and you’ll land the £500 jackpot!

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