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Type: 90 ball

Open: 24 hours

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Prizes up to: £110.00

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Welcome to the home of premium speed bingo, if you like it fast and you like big prizes, then this is the place for you.

This bingo room is a linked room, which mean lots more people playing across other bingo sites and bigger prize money. Ticket prices vary but are usually around 5p - 25p, and the bingo chat is purely for Mecca so grab your mates and hang out.

Watch out for the Speedy Gold Climber accumulating jackpot, which will add a speedy rise on your full house win if you’re within 35 numbers. The jackpot is shared, with 50% going to the winner and 50% split between the roomies with tickets for that winning game.

Each 90-ball bingo ticket is made up of 3 rows and 9 columns. Each row has 5 numbers in it, with a total of 15 numbers on every ticket.

There are 3 prizes to be won in every game; 1 line, 2 lines and full house. And each game is completed in 2.5 minutes rather than the standard 5 minutes. Look out for special feature games offering extra prizes such as 1&2 To Go!

The Speedy Gold Climber Jackpot can be won by calling your full house in 35 numbers or less. It’s split 50-50, with 50% going to the winner and 50% shared between the roomies with tickets for that winning game.

*All Prizes up to are subject to change based on promotional/scheduled activity.

Look out for these…

Roll on Bingo – When the full house has been won, the game continues to find even more full house winners.

Escalating Jackpots – When the jackpots reach a certain point, we escalate the amount of ball calls needed to win (example, win the jackpot in 35 numbers to win at 18:00, win the jackpot in 36 numbers or less from 19:00, win the jackpot in 40 numbers or less at 20:00).

Mecca Ton – £100 prize money guaranteed.

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