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Cashline Bingo

The popular interval bingo game from our clubs has made it online! Along with full house bingo you’ll also find pattern games, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Will you be able to line up some big cash wins?



Based on Mecca’s popular interval game from our clubs, this 80 ball bingo room has the same premise, each ticket has 16 numbers spread across 4 columns.

Along with the full house bingo there are plenty of pattern games too, so there’s always a good mix. With games starting from as little as 10p per ticket, this makes it a great value bingo game, with prizes on average of £30.

With a maximum of 4 prizes per game, plus two jackpots, what’s not to love?

Also, we have a Cashline mini game, which gives you the option to play this mini game while playing in a main bingo room. Look for it in our mini lobby with the slots and games.

How To Play

Cashline 80-ball bingo is based on 16 numbers per ticket in 4 columns, which gives up to 4 ways to win – from 4 corners to lines to full houses.

There are also 2 jackpots available in any game to give players more chances of winning big.

The Cash Attack jackpot

This is a progressive pot with a minimum win of £50. Call full house in 33 - 36 ball calls to grab the full amount!

The Elevator

This is a progressive pot with a minimum win of £2,500! To win this beauty, you need to claim the full house prize in 32 ball calls or less. This jackpot is a community jackpot with 50% going to the winner and the remaining 50% going to those with tickets in play for the winning game.

And remember to check out the Cashline mini game for even more fun.

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  • Type:80 Ball

  • Tickets from:10p

  • Open:9am - midnight

  • Prizes up to:£1000

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