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Prior to now, your daily/ weekly/ monthly deposit limit(s) simply prevented you depositing more than you stated you wished to over a rolling 24 hours, 7 days or 30 days. This has been replaced with a net deposit limit. Whilst your specified deposit limit value has been retained, the calculation method has changed.

The net deposit limit setting is calculated as the difference between your deposits and your withdrawals. For example, if you have a set limit of £20, deposit £20 and then withdraw £15, your net deposit amount would be £5, enabling you to deposit up to £15 more before your limit is reached. Your specified limits set a cap on your net deposits each day, week or month. Your daily/ weekly/ monthly limits will also automatically reset on a rolling 24-hr/ 7-day/ 30-day period.

If you require any further help/ clarification, please contact customer services on 0330 102 8582