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If you’re new to bingo it might be a little daunting when you realise that bingo has its very own language!

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Below you’ll find a comprehensive dictionary of the chat lingo you might come across in our fun chat rooms.

A - Z

AFK - away from keyboard

AKA - also known as

ASAP - as soon as possible


BBL - be back later

BBL8R - be back later

BBS - be back soon

BF - boyfriend

BIAM - back in a minute

BLNT - better luck next time

BRB - be right back

BTW - by the way


CU - see you

CYA - see ya!

CYAL8R - see ya later


FAIK - far as I know

FAQ - frequently asked question

FFH - for full house

FH - full house

FYI - for your information


GF - girlfriend

GG - good going or good game

GL - good luck

GLA - good luck all

GLAC - good luck all close

GLE - good luck everyone

GM - good morning

GMTA - great minds think alike

GN - good night

GTSY - good to see you


HAGD - have a good day

HAGE - have a good evening

HB - hurry back

HHIS - hanging head in shame


IC - I see

ICYMI - in case you missed it

IMHO - in my honest opinion

IMO - in my opinion

IRL - in real life

IYKWIM - if you know what I mean


JK - just kidding

JMO - just my opinion

JTLYK - just to let you know


KIT - keep in touch

KOTC - kiss on the cheek

KOTL - kiss on the lips


L8R - later

LMAO - laughing my ass off

LOL - laughing out loud

LTNS - long time no see

LY - love you


NP - no problem

NT - nearly there

NW - no worries


OAR - on a roll

OIC - oh, I see

OMG - oh my goodness

OTOH - on the other hand


PLZ - please

PMSL - peed myself laughing

PPL - people


QD - quick draw

QT - cutie


ROFL - rolling on the floor laughing


SO - significant other

SOHF - sense of humour failure

SRY - sorry

SWL - screaming with laughter

SYS - see you soon


TC - take care

TOY - thinking of you

TPTB - the powers that be

TTFN - ta ta for now

TTYL - talk to you later

TX - thanks

TY - thank you

TYVM - thank you very much


U2 - you too

UL - unlucky


WB - welcome back

WD - well done

WDW - well done winner

WTG - way to go

WTH - what the heck

WYSIWYG - what you see is what you get


YAW - you're a winner

YSR - yeah, sure... right!

YW - you're welcome


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