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8th Wonder

These gleaming spins could lead to double wins! There are jewels, treasures and precious stones on every one of the 3 reels in this wonderful slot.

As they glimmer and shine, they'll land in place and could grant you up to 160 x your bet. If you get a full house of any symbol, you'll be in for a sparkling treat: double your current win with the famed Full House bonus!



The 8th wonder of the world is much disputed, but we think we’ve found it! This game glistens and the regal reels really shine. Spin your way to riches with these bejewelled reels, adorned with the rarest stones and gems. Are the reels covered in all the same symbol? Then you’ll activate the Full House Bonus, instantly granting you double the win!

This is a slot that really takes things back to basics with simple mechanics and no overcomplicated features. If you’re looking for simple, uninterrupted fun, then play 8th Wonder slot online for your chance to grab gleaming treasures. Join us on the ruby-coloured reels for your chance to win a fair fortune!

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How To Play

For information on symbols and base game instructions, please see in-game help menu.

Full House Bonus

A Full House occurs when all 9 symbols are the same. When this happens, all symbol awards are doubled.

Random game play

This game is totally random; the odds of getting any particular outcome are always the same and are not based on any other factors or prior outcomes e.g. stake value, previous wins or losses, time of day, account balance etc.

Return to player percentage

The expected return to player (RTP) reflects the theoretical return over a large number of plays. The RTP is expressed as the percentage returned to players in winnings of the total amount staked, e.g. if £1,000,000 was staked and £960,000 was returned, the RTP of the game for that period of play would be 96%.

The expected RTP for this game is 95.34%.

The actual RTP during a playing session can vary widely, in either direction, from the theoretical return.

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Game Information

  • RTP: 95.34%
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