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Bounty Raid 2

Get ready for a scorching sun piercing the cloudless sky, in the middle of a bounty-hunting chase in Bounty Raid 2. Join the Bounty Hunter and the Sheriff as you put bandits behind bars for good!



Bandits swarm the reels with multipliers for instant cash rewards as an exciting tale unfolds on an untamed, rugged terrain. Bandits may appear on the gaming grid for a maximum of 5 spins, giving the sheriff a chance to catch them and lock them up. A fierce Bounty Hunter may appear on the reels and trigger 3 Free Spins, attracting more bandits to the gaming grid.

As you chase bandits along the sandy streets, dust clouds sweep across the barren landscape. How many bandits will you capture? Don’t forget to take a spin on the rest of our online slots and games.

How To Play




Bandit scatter symbols pay their stake multiplier when a Sheriff lands on the
same spin or after a Bounty Hunter-triggered bonus round. Multiple Bandits can land on 1 spin, and they may lock for up to 5 spins, increasing their bounty by 10%-50% per spin. Bandit prizes range from 1x-3x (Bandit 1) to 21x-25x (Bandit 5) stake, with a maximum bounty of 500x the current stake.



The Bounty Hunter is a full-reel scatter and she may only land on the middle
reel. When she shows up in the company of bandits, she triggers Free Spins.
During Free Spins, every position spins individually with the potential to land
bandits. Whenever a bandit lands during the Bonus Round, it gives a retrigger
of 3 Free Spins. Bandits lock onto the reels during Free Spins and may randomly boost the bounties of lower-paying other bandits. When Free Spins run out, the Bounty Hunter locks all bandits present to the reels behind bars, and the instant cash rewards accumulate before payout



The Sheriff is a non-paying special symbol. Only 1 Sheriff may patrol the reels, appearing separately from the Bounty Hunter. When the Sheriff is present, bandits may boost their peers’ multipliers across the gaming grid. As soon as the Sheriff catches bandits on the reels, he locks them behind bars, and the bandits’ instant cash rewards pay out.



Daily jackpot is a promotional prize pot available to be awarded every day on top of the standard game wins. Inside the game, progressive jackpot style mechanic is used whereby the pot value grows as players play the games. In the same way that standard progressive jackpots can grow based on the contributions made by players, our daily prizes can do the same. By the advertised time, a lucky player will win the promotional funds each day.



Must Go jackpot is a promotional prize pot available on top of the standard game wins. This is available across multiple games and always advertised alongside the game. Inside the game they use a progressive jackpot style mechanic whereby the pot value grows as players play the games. In the same way that standard progressive jackpots can grow based on the contributions made by players, our Must Go prizes can do the same. This is configured to be won before a fixed amount for each game and is always advertised inside the game.



The King Jackpot is a jackpot linked across multiple games. For each game linked to this jackpot, 0.25% or more of stake per spin goes towards increasing jackpot prize-pool and reserve jackpot. The starting value also known as seed is funded only once per active jackpot and not per game linked to the king jackpot system.


For information on symbols and base game instructions, please see in-game help menu.

Game Information

  • Min stake: 10p
  • Max stake: £100
  • Max payout: £250,000
  • Jackpot: Yes
  • Paylines: 20
  • Special features: 3 (Bandits, Sheriff & Bounty Hunter)
  • RTP: 90.70% + Promotional Marketing Funds.
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