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Circus Launch

Blast off and head for a circus adventure in space! The intergalactic reels of this incredible slot could see you bag amazing wins with every spin. Gear up and collect space-age multipliers before your rocket explodes! And if that’s not daring enough, see how quick you can catch your winnings once the astronaut jets off.



The circus is wonderful, and outer space is amazing – so why not combine the two? On this fascinating slot you get to experience the best of both. The most exciting circus in space is here! In this innovative “crash” style game, you’ll get to test your luck by collecting big multipliers before your rocket explodes. Your fingers will have to be hot on the buttons. Once the astronaut starts the flight, you may grab all the winnings at any time!

Play Circus Launch online for your chance to get cash from space!

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How To Play

Collect Multipliers

Players need to collect multipliers before their rocket explodes.

The gameplay is incredibly simple, players place a bet and then follow the flight of an astronaut pig or a monkey. After the astronaut has started the flight, the player can take all the winnings at any time. If they do not have time to pick up the winnings in time, they will lose all bets made

Game Information

  • Min stake: 10p
  • Max stake: £20.00
  • RTP: 95.99%
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