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Cyber Attack

Use your hacking abilities and navigate through a cyber-attack with a spin from just 10p. Unlock thrilling features as you plot your hacks. Watch as digital icons sweep through the reels as you tap into Free Spins. Outsmart the virtual system with 1,024 ways to win the loot!



Immerse yourself in a vibrant digital world where cyberpunks and hackers reign supreme. With a spin from just 10p, you can test your hacking skills as you take on the role of a cunning mastermind.

With each spin, there's a chance that a Breach Attempt may occur randomly. If a Breach Attempt is prevented, it's time to switch to Plan B, as each diverted attempt triggers one of three special hacking features. On the sixth Breach Attempt, you're guaranteed success, and will be rewarded with Free Spins. During Free Spins, a symbol will be infected, increasing your chances of winning. The more infected symbols you collect during this bonus round, the better your chances of winning at the end of Free Spins. With 1,024 ways to unlock wins, you could become the next ruler of the cyberworld.

Play Cyber Attack online to show that you’re the ultimate hacker mastermind.

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How To Play

Breach Attempts

As the hacker works his way into the system, a Breach Attempt may be randomly triggered on any spin. A digital file is stored in your progress bar in the top-right corner when it is diverted.

Diverted attack? No problem. 1 of the 3 Feature Hacks is immediately triggered. Although a Breach Attempt may be successful at any time, when 6 digital files gather in your progress bar, your Breach Attempt becomes a guaranteed success.

Feature Hacks

With every diverted Breach Attempt, your skilful hacking triggers Feature Hacks – it's hard to fend off hackers completely. The 3 types of Feature Hacks to enhance your gameplay are listed below.

Symbol Hack: Drops a random number of symbols of the same type anywhere on the reels.

Multiplier Hack: Activates ways multipliers of 2x and 5x in random positions. Symbols appearing in these positions will count as many icons as the multipliers indicate.

Wild Hack: A random number of floating Wild holograms appear on the middle reels in random positions. Wilds substitute for all paying symbols, counting as the symbol forming the longest winning combination on a single win way.

Breach (Free Spins)

Breach Attempts may be diverted by the firewall at any time. However, success is guaranteed on every 6th Breach Attempt when the progress bar fills. In the bonus round, you receive 6 Free Spins. During the bonus round, the Free Spins counter may glitch, awarding you 1-3 additional Free Spins. Feature Hacks may randomly occur during Free Spins. 1 feature may activate on a single spin.

The Hijack Virus infects a random symbol. It is stored above the gaming grid whenever the symbol appears on the reels. You can hijack a maximum of 20 symbols. If the symbol multiplier appears on an infected symbol, it enhances the number of infected icons stored. Any Wilds appearing anywhere become infected. The hijacked symbols fill the empty gaming grid when your Free Spins run out. When you have a maximum of 20 icons, the whole grid is covered by the same symbol.

For information on symbols and base game instructions, please see in-game help menu.

Game Information

  • Min stake: 10p
  • Max stake: £20
  • Max payout: £212,000
  • Jackpot: No
  • Paylines: 1,024
  • RTP: 93.67%
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