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Feast your eyes on the beautiful gemstones of Gemix Slot! It is played on a 7x7 reel set and has 8 radiant gemstones in a variety of rainbow colours. The objective is to round up precious jewels for payouts of up to 1,000 times your spend. Plus, you will find many captivating features that may take your gaming experience to new heights.



Precious stones drop from the sky and form even more precious clusters, which pay out against a magical background. As you play Gemix slot game, you’ll be helped along by a friendly red-bearded miner. He is bound to help you through the levels – or worlds. It is good to note that every level reveals a new pattern.

This jewel of a slot also shines and glitters with a variety of bonus features. Chain Lightning will transform all symbols between two opposite corner pieces into matching symbols. Light Beams turns full rows into different symbols and a well-timed Crystal Warp could see every symbol of one kind changed into another.

Spin to discover new worlds, shiny reels dripping in jewels and new friends who will guide you through this incredible slot game adventure.

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How To Play

For information on symbols and base game instructions, please see the in-game help menu.

Bonus features

Chain Lightning

Two corner symbols shoot out an electrical arc hitting symbols. These are then transformed into one of the corner symbols.

Light Beam

Light rays shoot out vertically and horizontally from a symbol on the grid. All symbols in the affected column and row are transformed to other symbols.

Crystal Warp

A symbol is selected on the grid. The chosen one and all matching symbols are warped to other symbols.

Nova Blast

A symbol is selected on the grid and explodes. Adjacent symbols are removed from the game in this huge explosion. The detonation then retracts and creates a core of symbols. This consists of the same symbol.

The game continues normally after the effect, allowing the crystal charge meter to charge up for more effects.

The game can become Super Charged. When the crystal charge meter is fully loaded, it is possible to super charge the game by winning on additional symbols. If you manage to win on enough symbols and fully super charge the crystal meter, you will receive cash prizes that are multiplied by 3!

Gemix includes different worlds. Each world is assigned three different patterns. The currently active pattern is indicated on the screen. To clear a pattern, you have to achieve wins on the indicated grid positions. Clearing a pattern activates the next pattern for the current world. If you clear three patterns in a world, you reach the next world and you are awarded the World Bonus.

The World Bonus is increased with any win during a game round. Each world has a unique wild symbol that can appear on non-winning game rounds.

These wild symbols substitute for any other symbol to help comprise winning combinations. Those are removed if part of a winning combination.

Miner’s world

Wild symbols drop down from the top and land on different positions in the grid, replacing the regular symbols. Up to 10 wild symbols can appear.

Princess’ world

An edge symbol is picked to act as a starting point. The symbol is turned into a wild symbol. It then spreads to adjacent symbols until it reaches one of the edge symbols of the grid.

Wizard’s world

Up to 8 sticky wilds can appear in different positions on the grid. The sticky wild symbols do not drop down when symbols below are removed. They are also not removed when part of any winning combination. Sticky wilds stay for one game round or until Crystal Charge is triggered.

Game Information

  • Min stake: 50p
  • Max stake: £100
  • Max payout: £250,000
  • Jackpot: NO
  • Paylines: Cluster pays
  • RTP: 96.83%
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