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Leprechaun Strike

Grab your green feathered hat, The Leprechaun wants to take you on a magical adventure! From just 10p a spin, you could knock out Free Spins, play a special bonus game or trigger Jackpot wins of 2,000x your bet!



Slide onto the Emerald Isle with a spin from just 10p! If you’re keen to get going, then help out our old pal The Leprechaun win back his gold from Bummer, the unicorn. Trigger Free Spins to help you on your quest. Complete all Cash Columns to trigger the Strike Bonus, a special bonus game that could reward you staggering wins! The Leprechaun can appear in different ways to award incredible prizes, too! He can use his vacuum cleaner during the Leprechaun Win feature and give direct cash prize from a random Cash Column. And if the clover’s luck is on your side, you might just hit the Rainbow Jackpot and win a prize of 2,000x the bet!

Play Leprechaun Strike to get your hands on the gold

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How To Play

Cash Columns Feature

The Cash Columns Feature is a game feature that consists of 3 columns with 6 rows each, representing progress meters with increasing payout values from row to row. Each column corresponds to a symbol, and every time the symbol lands, the lowest non-highlighted row in the column is highlighted, and its value is added to the Cashpot. Completing a column and landing another symbol results in a Strike Win, where the highest payout value for that column is directly added to the balance without resetting the columns. Rows can be reset by clicking Collect, hitting the Rainbow Jackpot, or triggering the Bummer feature.

Cashpot Feature

The Cashpot Feature is a game feature that displays the sum of the highest highlighted row of all columns in the Cashpot box. Players can collect the value by clicking the collect button, which will add the amount to their balance. Once collected, both the Cashpot and Cash Columns will reset, and the game will continue.

Bummer Feature

This feature resets all highlighted rows from all Cash Columns and the Cashpot when triggered. However, rows protected by the Rainbow Feature will not be affected by the Bummer Feature.

Leprechaun Win Feature

The Leprechaun Win Feature is a game feature that selects a random Cash Column and awards a cash prize to the player. The prize has the same value as the highest highlighted row of the column and is directly added to the balance. The rows will remain highlighted even after the payout value is added to the balance. During Free Spins rounds, the Leprechaun will award prizes from all the columns, and the prize value will be equivalent to the highest highlighted row of each column.

Leprechaun Song Feature

The Leprechaun Song Feature is a game feature that increases all the columns simultaneously by one row each. This means that each column will have a new payout value for each of the six rows. The Leprechaun Song symbol can also award strike wins normally, meaning that wins from different columns will be added together.

The Rainbow Feature

The Rainbow feature in the game protects specific rows or columns from the effects of the Bummer feature. The number of protected rows or columns can vary from all columns to just one column or one row to five rows. The rows that are protected will always start from the bottom, and if all columns are protected, they will be protected from left to right. The Rainbow feature remains active until the Rainbow Jackpot or Cloud feature is activated.

Cloud Feature

The Cloud feature will reset the Rainbow effect on the board whenever it triggers. This feature can trigger regardless of the number of rows or columns protected. When the symbol lands and there is no Rainbow to remove, nothing happens.

The Free Spins feature

The Free Spins feature offers players a chance to play with 5 independent 1x1 reels, while the Cash Columns from the main game are reset for the duration of the feature and restored once it ends. The Free Spins symbol can award 5 to 15 free spins randomly, with each spin referring to a symbol that lands on the reel. During Free Spins, only the Leprechaun Win and Leprechaun Song features can be triggered as symbols land and columns update. However, the Bummer symbol, Rainbow symbol, and Cloud symbol will not land during the Free Spins rounds, and the feature cannot be retriggered. All wins accrued during Free Spins are automatically added to the balance at the end of the round.

Rainbow Jackpot Feature

The Jackpot feature triggers when all rows of all columns are highlighted and also protected by the Rainbow. The Leprechaun Song symbol has to land to trigger the feature. The payout is 2,000x bet. The Rainbow Jackpot will be awarded directly to the player with no need to collect. After the prize is awarded, the Rainbow and all the progress will be reset.

The Cashpot Bonus feature

The Cashpot Bonus feature is triggered when all the rows of all columns are highlighted but not protected by the Rainbow. The game consists of two rounds, where three pots with different values are displayed on the bonus screen: 25x bet, 40x bet, and 60x bet. Bummer will attack one of the pots, and if successful, the pot disappears. The player will choose a pot for the Leprechaun to protect in each round, and if Bummer attacks the protected pot, it will remain in the game. The objective is to protect all pots until the end of the Bonus. The sum of the remaining pot values at the end of the game will be added to the balance box. Once the game ends, the progress from the main game will be restored, and the bonus can only be triggered again by collecting the Cashpot and filling the columns again.

For information on symbols and base game instructions, please see in-game help menu.

Game Information

  • Min stake: 10p
  • Max stake: £100
  • Max payout: £250,000
  • Jackpot: Yes
  • Paylines: 1
  • RTP: 94.12%
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