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Live Crazy Pachinko

Dive into a world of multipliers for a chance to win big in our live Pachinko Bonus game! Collect scatters and watch the magic of multiplying pucks pave the way for possible wins.



Calling all fun-seekers! Join us in our state-of-the-art studio for thrilling game time. Collect scatter symbols to open the door to our sensational live Pachinko Bonus game. You’ll be in for a multiplier bonanza that could see you walk away with BIG wins!

If you’re in luck, the puck might land on a ‘Double’ sector, doubling the multipliers on the wall and triggering a second puck drop for a bigger multiplied win. Let the scatter symbol hunt begin, and may the puck drop forever be in your favour!

Ready for the excitement? Play Live Crazy Pachinko online.

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How To Play

Spin Modes

The Qualification slot has three spin modes: Normal spin (set by default); XXXtreme Spin and Feature Buy. To spin the Qualification slot, players select the bet amount and click/tap spin. The bet selected in Normal mode becomes the player’s base bet and is used to calculate their winnings. Activating the XXXtreme Spin mode helps the player qualify faster, by guaranteeing one scatter symbol each spin at the cost of an increased spin bet amount. This mode also costs 15 times the player’s base bet for one guaranteed scatter symbol, and it increases the chance of getting Scatter multipliers.

Top-Up Phase

After qualifying for the Pachinko Bonus round, and while waiting for it to begin, players have the option to spin the Top-Up slot for an extra cost to boost their multipliers. The Top-Up phase features a 16-reel slot, where each of the 16 squares is a reel that spins on its own, plus 16 sectors at the bottom with virtual values based on the player’s selected bet — the higher the bet, the higher the multiplier options are; values range from 2x to 100x.

To spin the Top-Up slot, the minimum Top-Up bet amount equals the bet the player qualified with (the base bet). By choosing to increase the Top-Up bet amount, the player also increases the value of multipliers. Multipliers move to a sector below the reel and may stack randomly under the vertical reel. Once the Top-Up time runs out, the player is transferred to the Pachinko Bonus round.

If the player joins the Top-Up phase a certain time before the Pachinko Bonus round is about to begin, a pop-up message appears on the screen. Click/tap Bonus to join the Pachinko Bonus or Top- Up to stay in Top-Up and wait for the next bonus round. If no decision is made, the player is automatically transferred to the Pachinko Bonus round.

Pachinko Bonus Round

Once the Pachinko Bonus round starts, players can sit back and enjoy the live show led by a game host. The Pachinko Bonus game features an exciting multiplier wall, containing a random puck drop zone at the top and 16 random multipliers in the landing zone at the bottom. The puck is dropped randomly between zones 4 and 12.

During the Pachinko Bonus round, Pachinko multipliers are generated for all players equally. Pachinko multiplier values range from 10x up to 200x and are common to all players. After receiving the Pachinko multipliers, all multipliers (Scatter, Top-Up, and Pachinko) are calculated together: (Pachinko multipliers x Scatter multipliers) + Top-Up multipliers = Final multipliers.

The Final multipliers are displayed separately on every Pachinko zone. The game host then drops the puck from the giant Pachinko wall on a randomised dropping zone. The multiplier in the landing zone of the puck will be applied to your bet, determining the final amount of your prize.

If, however, the puck lands on the Double zone, that means there will be a Double Event: the puck will be re-dropped, and all prizes on the multiplier wall are now worth much more! The Pachinko multipliers are doubled, and the final multipliers are then re-calculated: (doubled Pachinko multipliers x Scatter multipliers) + Top Up multipliers = Final multipliers. The Double event can only occur once during the Pachinko Bonus round. The Bonus game ends when the puck lands in a zone with a multiplier.

For information on symbols and base game instructions, please see in-game help menu.

Game Information

  • Straight up:£0.10-£10
  • RTP:96.04%
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