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Live Instant Roulette

Come and take Live Instant Roulette for a spin, where you can enjoy unlimited betting time and play on up to 12 Roulette wheels at once – maximizing your chances to win! You can place your bets as soon as the results of each wheel are in, so the fun can continue as quickly as you fancy it. Play Live Instant Roulette for the ultimate spinning experience based on a timeless casino classic.



When you play Live Instant Roulette, you don’t just spin on one wheel, but 12! This new-fangled way to play bring you more of the action in an instant. Enjoy unlimited betting time and super speedy gameplay across all 12 available wheels at once – giving you maximum chances to win!

Play your own way, with full control over betting time and number of bets placed across 12 wheels in constant play. Take a seat with Live Instant Roulette and place your bets! Then, give the ‘Play now’ button a healthy tap and see where the ball lands… 12 times! You can place another bet as soon as the results of each spin are in.

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How To Play

Please visit the in-game help section for information on how to play, rules and assistance.

Malfunction voids all plays and pay.

Game Information

  • Straight Up:20p - £500
  • Outside Chances Max bet:£500
  • RTP:97.3%
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