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Live Treasure Island

Calling all adventurers! Pack your gear for a thrilling island adventure loaded with gems, bonus games, and captivating live gameplay.



Prepare for a thrilling journey on a long-forgotten island! Every spin unveils adventure, exposing gleaming gems and SIX enchanting bonus games. Will the map help lead you to riches, unlock hidden treasures, or plunge you into the heart of interactive challenges?

If you’re ready for an adventure you’ll never forget, play Live Treasure Island online today.

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How To Play

The large 54-sector wheel contains one or more gems or one of the six exciting Bonus Games in each segment. All bonuses will award the player with a combination of gems where the value will be randomly assigned during each spin.

Players place bets on the bet spots they believe the wheel will stop at.

The available bet spots are:

  • Gems: Topaz, Emerald, and Ruby gems
  • Instant Bonuses: Wild Collector and Great Scavenger
  • Bonus Games: John Silver’s Loot, Ben’s Lost Marbles, Billy Bones’ Map and Captain Flint’s Treasure.

The wheel sectors, number of sectors, and payout potential is as follows:

  • Topaz, 21 sectors, 1-10:1
  • Emerald, 14 sectors, 1-40:1
  • Ruby, 8 sectors, 3-100:1
  • Wild Collector, 3 sectors, 2-900:1
  • Great Scavenger, 4 sectors, 3-450:1
  • John Silver’s Loot, 2 sectors, 2-10,000:1
  • Ben’s Lost Marbles, 3 sectors, 2-10,000:1
  • Billy Bones’ Map, 2 sectors, 5-15,000:1
  • Captain Flint’s Treasure, 1 sector, 10-15,000:1

Game Information

  • Min stake:10p
  • Max stake:£2,500
  • RTP:96.58%
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