Loose Women: Loose Lips 120K
Game Info
Bet Limits: £1.50 - £1.50Jackpot: NoSpecial Features: Scratchcard

Loose Women: Loose Lips 120K

Introducing "LOOSE WOMEN: Loose Lips 120K"! This new scratch card is part of an exciting batch of 3 scratch cards, featuring top prizes of £40,000, £120,000, and £200,000 each.

Dive into the excitement with our scratch card games where every card packs a punch with prizes getting bigger and bigger. With a prize table bursting with opportunities, these cards offer the best chance of winning big.

Scratch away to reveal if you've hit the jackpot by matching six numbers. Loose Lips:

Terms and Conditions

Malfunction voids all plays and pay. RTP = 80.01%.