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Maverick is a next level iGaming multiplayer experience. You can win in seconds!



Maverick’s plane and multiplier viewing console dominate the screen, making tracking gameplay as easy as possible for the player. A dual betting console with auto cashout functionality ensures a smooth, intuitive gaming experience.

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How To Play

How to Play

For information on symbols and base game instructions, please see in-game help menu.

Maverick is easy to play! Simply set your bet before take off, watch as the plane takes off and your potential winnings soar, then cashout before the plane flies away to win. If you did not cashout before the plane flies away, your bet will be lost. 

Players can easily track previous multipliers, from the main interface, as well as via a drop down. Players can access All Bets, My Bets and Top Multipliers from a drop down menu, bringing transparency and community to the gaming experience.

Game Information

Min stake: 8p
Max stake: £4.30

Max payout: £250,000

Jackpot: No

RTP: 93%

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